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Here’s our research on lost policy locators, hints and suggestions on how to find out if your loved one, mother, father, brother, sister, etc.  had a life insurance policy, or other property  that’s been misplaced, paid off, lost, etc.

It might also be a good time to review your own financial affairs and get quotes on life, long term care and make sure your will, advance directive, etc. are taken care of.

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How do I #file a life insurance claim?

California Lost Property Search – #Escheated Funds

California’s Unclaimed Property Law requires banks, insurance companies, corporations, and certain other entities to report and submit their customers’ property to the State Controller’s Office when there has been no activity for a period of time (generally three years). Common types of unclaimed property are bank accounts, stocks, bonds, uncashed checks, insurance benefits, wages, and safe deposit box contents. Property does not include Real Estate.

Controller Betty Yee safeguards this lost or forgotten property as long as it takes to reunite it with the rightful owners; there is no deadline for claiming it once it is transferred over to the State Controller’s Office.

It is easy to find out if the Controller is protecting property in your name.

CA lost property search

To electronically claim property, an owner must complete a secure form online (including name, social security number, birthdate, and address). Some more complicated claims may require additional proof of ownership.

CA Statutory #Will 


Fill in the #blanks
CA Statutory Will - Fill in the blanks

Steve Video on CA Statutory Will

video on ca statury will
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