June 2022 Deadline to provide a pension plan for your employees 



Did you know that California Law now requires SB 1234 (Deadline THIS June) that businesses with 5 or more employees to either have a valid In-Force Retirement – Pension plan or to get one through CalSavers.com, see Flyer.

We’d like to let you know some of the many  advantages to having your own private plan with us, rather than the State’s Plan.   Social Security, just isn’t enough.

  • Employer and the employees  have the option to contribute more money and take the tax deductions
  • High Income Wage earners can enroll in a private plan
  • More flexibility – deliberate program design
  • Secure Act Tax Credits to start up an employer plan – Flyer
  • Easier to maintain
  • Better Experience
  • You can take out a Loan against your account
  • Investment Advice
  • More Options – See brochures & Site map below
  • Quicker response times for any questions and personal service compared to a 800 number with CalSavers and typical government terminal hold.  You can email us, 24/7 with encryption both ways by Paubox.

Please complete the census form either ONLINE, Excel or pdf and we can let you know if and how your own private pension plan would work out better for you than going with Cal Saver’s.

If you already have a pension plan, that’s great.  Please note that you are required to register it with CalSavers to avoid penalties.



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401 K Plans for Small Business - IRS # 4222


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