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Blue Shield of California MAPD Introduction 

Blue Shield offers Medicare HMOs Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug Plan MAPD.   MAPD  plans are mandated to cover the same basic benefits as Original Medicare plus Part D prescription drug coverage.

We offer Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego  Counties  and throughout California.

See actual Enrollment Kits including summary of benefits below  and evidence of coverage to make sure everything is up to date 

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#Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans (PDF) #12026

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Insurance Companies get a fee from the Federal Government, when you enroll in an MAPD plan.  MAPD Plans must cover all A & B services Medicare.Gov *

That's why the premium is very low or ZERO!

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FAQ’s Provider Directories, Search #Tools & Instructions

  • Question Why can’t I find my specialist doctors listed when I search Blue Shield 65 plus site?
    • I do find primary care doctors at UCLA Health in Santa Clarita but not my specialists Donin (Urology) and Smith (Pulmonology) who I see at the UCLA Health Santa Clarita Primary and Specialty Care clinic.
    • see them as a traditional Medicare patient, which I switched to from Blue Shield 65 plus because at the time UCLA would not accept Blue Shield 65 plus.
    • I understand from your video that now they do.
    • My concern is whether the primary care physician is going to direct me to see some other doctor at that clinic who also practices the same specialty but not the doctors I have been seeing because I am a ” UCLA Medicare Advantage” patient instead of a traditional medicare patient.
    • What is your view about this?
  • Answer  Please when stating facts, provide the screen shots, exact URL’s, etc. It takes us time to duplicate what you are referring to.
    • I’m surprised that you can search for 2021 MD’s, as it’s my understanding that 2021 information can’t be released to the public until October 1st.
    • It often seems that Medicare Advantage rules are there, just so that agents can go to jail at the Federal Governments whim.
    • We do see Blue Shield 65 Plus, Vital & Inspire on UCLA’s list of accepted Health Plans, but don’t know if that’s for 2021.
    • Which facility are you using?
    • When using Blue Shield Provider Finder   you can set the filter to which MD’s accept Blue Shield
    • Working “backwards” UCLA shows Dr. Donin MD as accepting Blue Shield. Give me a couple of days to see why he doesn’t show on Blue Shield’s provider finder.
    • He does show in their print directory on page 640
    • Is it Malcolm Smith you’re going to?
    • He’s on page 632 of the pdf directory
      • Reply from Blue Shield broker support
        • I can confirm Dr. Nicholas Donin is constructed with 65 plus / Inspire under UCLA Medicare Advantage ( Medical Group).
        • Practioner id showing contracted with UCLA Medicare Advantage & 65 Plus/Inspire : 100323139008.
        • If your member’s Primary Care physician is attached to UCLA Medicare Advantage then the member can request this Urologist.
        • If its not, I would recommend speaking with your member as for HMO Policies, most procedures and specialists need to be authorized by medical group and they always refer out from their own doctors.
      • See page 42 of EOC for more details on getting referred to specialists.
      • 2nd reply from Blue Shield broker services:
        • [we will] request for the Find a Provider page to be updated.
      • After spending a lot of time talking to UCLA and Blue Shield, I decided that if I wanted someone else to manage my care and didn’t care about how they did or didn’t do that, I should go back to the Medicare Advantage plan I was on for 4 years before I switched to original Medicare! [Parts A Hospital & B Doctor Visits]
  • Question I have no changes planned for my supplement (F extra) so  will it automatically renew?
  • Answer Did you see our video and pdf # 12026 on Understanding Advantage Plans on our Blue Shield Advantage Plan Page?
    • The Introduction to Medi Gap Publication # 02110on our Blue Shield Medi Gap Page?
    • IMHO those video’s and official Government brochures explain how Medicare Advantage tries to save $$$ by “managing” your care.
    • We are authorized Blue Shield Medi Gap brokers and can assist you with anything that comes up. When you appoint us as your Broker, Blue Shield compensates us at no additional charge to you, as it saves them time on the phone with you not having to call them. Email us for the form to appoint us. How much time did we spend helping you?
    • We can get you enrolled in Blue Shield Medicare Advantage starting on October 15th for a January 1st effective date.
    • Informational Materials will be released to the public on October 1st. If an agent is able to see anything before that time, it’s more secret that anything else I know of.
    • Check our Blue Shield MAPD webpage for current  information and enrollment then. There is no extra charge for our services. The Federal Government provides for agent compensation from the fees they pay the Insurance Companies to take care of you.

FAQ Provider Finder

  • I moved from Orange County to Redlands in San Bernardino County. Since there is a change in residency, I have to change plans and have a special enrollment period to do so.
    • My question is, can I keep my same MD:
    • Norman J Rosen M.D. 2501 Chapman Ave, Orange, CA
  • IMHO the simplest is to call your MD and ask.  Then double check by calling the Insurance Company or check the provider directory. ONLINE is best, as the printed directories get outdated quickly.
    • Here’s the Blue Shield provider directory. It’s also listed above. Here’s more detail and instruction on how to use the Blue Shield provider search.
    • We do find Dr. Rosen listed, see below. There is a rule somewhere about a doctor having to be within 20 miles. Let me check that.
    • Primary care network providers must be within 30 minutes or 15 miles of each covered person’s residence or workplace.
    • If you really want Dr. Rosen, you do have a guaranteed right to get a Medi Gap plan. We can help you with that.
    • Review our page on continuity of care SB 133. Double check if it applies to MAPD. Even if it doesn’t specifically, there must be similar legislation for MAPD plans.
    • Review the appeals procedures in the evidence of coverage.
      • Review the appeals procedure on our website.
    • When you appoint us as your broker, no charge, we can help you with this.
    • If the appeal fails, what if I just go outside of the Insurance and pay cash?
    • What is my deadline to change plans after a move?
    • Right, you would have to pay cash, as the Insurance since you have a MAPD plan would not pay anything. Medicare would not pay, as they are paying your MAPD plan to take care of you. You basically trade in your Medicare Card for a MAPD plan. There are certain times that you can get out of an MAPD plan and get regular Medicare. You would also have an enrollment period into a Part D Rx plan.
    • the best place to look is probably your evidence of coverage page 48 cited above.
    • Deadline to change plans after a move. Check our residency page and the evidence of coverage Page 8, 181, 244, 246, Service Area definition page 263, special enrollment 263, , .
    • If you drop the MAPD plan because of the move, you can do that now. You wouldn’t have to wait till MAPD open enrollment. At  open enrollment you could select a new MAPD plan. As we said above, you can get a Medi Gap plan now, to pay what Medicare doesn’t pay. You can also get an Rx plan now, during special enrollment.

FAQ  Over the Counter Items


  • On your Inspire program, what are considered “over-the-counter” items?
    • Does it include vitamins?
      • Do you have to have a doctors note to buy the vitamins?
    • Where can I find the on-line catalog for over-the-counter meds, supplements, etc?
      • And how do I place an order?
  • Yes, Vitamins & Minerals are included
    • Page 83 of evidence of coverage
    • FDA’s definition:
      • Over-the-counter medicine is also known as OTC or nonprescription medicine. All these terms refer to medicine that you can buy without a prescription. They are safe and effective when you follow the directions on the label and as directed by your health care professional.
    • How about appointing us as your agent, no extra charge whenever you might make a change to your program?




  • Shall I change to HMO  MAPD from Medicare Supplement?
    • My doctors all in UCLA Medical Group. Next year UCLA accept MAPD
    • If I want to switch back from MAPD to Medi Gap plan, can I do that?
  • Here’s the summary of benefits for Blue Shield Medi Gap Plans  –
    • Our webpage on Plan F Extra & Plan G
    • Here’s our webpage on what plans major hospitals and medical groups accept.
    • The difference between HMO Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement is, I’m not sure of the right word, but it’s the main decision to make, once one has Medicare Parts A & B. Here’s our webpage on which way to go.
    • If you decide to remain on your Medi Gap plan, ask use for the form to appoint us as your agent, no extra charge and allows us to get paid for helping you.
    • Yes, you can change back to Medi Gap under certain circumstances. See our webpage on guaranteed issue times for Medi Gap.
    • you can get Part D Rx separately.
    • video about your Medicare Choices.  MAPD, Medi Gap Original Medicare ONLY
    • See Blue Shield MAPD Summary of Benefits above  – shows that you pay NO EXTRA premium for the plan! It also shows, what you pay for various services. What it doesn’t show… is what you would pay, if you didn’t have a plan. See the screen shot’s below. The first is the MAPD inspire plan. The 2nd is a Medi Gap plan, which does have a premium and then you will also need a Part D Rx plan.
    • Here’s the provider finder
    • So, the choices are,
      • pay for a separate Part D plan,
      • premium for a Medi Gap plan that allows you to see ANY Medicare MD and will even pay the part that Medicare doesn’t if your MD charges more – see details in the evidence of coverage or our assignment page.
      • or pay out of pocket what Medicare doesn’t pay… don’t forget the 80% never ends. There is NO OOP Out of Pocket Maximum

FAQ  Chiropractor




  • I’ve heard that Blue Shield has PPO here in Santa Barbara can you send me the link or info for these?
    • I never liked HMO.
  • Blue Shield Medi Gap Plans are PPO or even better as you can use ANY Medicare Provider! Blue Shield often has UNDERWRITING HOLIDAY, so you can enroll now, without doing Health Questions Use the logo above to get quotes or use the rate sheet above.

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Add #Dental to your coverage

Blue Shield of California Medicare Advantage plan  members can add dental benefits to their program. You can choose between:


  • Where do I find a list of providers that are endodontic dentists in or near fullerton ca 92835 and accept the blue shield 65 plus choice co pay listed in the  benefits listing
  • Try the provider finder 
  • I Just got off the phone with the Social Security Dept. as I needed clarification on some of the questions asked in the online application for Medicare.
    • This woman “Tracy” states that I am not eligible as I don’t have enough credits and won’t be eligible until my husband turns 62 this coming October, then apply under him as he does have the credits.
    • She told me that I wouldn’t be able to apply until open enrollment, Jan-March 
    • This seems odd to me but need your take on this.
  • This is an interesting question as it’s the first time it’s come up for me for someone who has lived in the USA all their life. The answer is simply to pay for Part A $426, click here for more detail and reasoning.What is the deadline to enroll when someone ages into Medicare, age 65?
    • The Initial Enrollment Period for someone turning 65 to sign up for Medicare A Hospital B Doctor Visits and for a Medicare Advantage Plan is 3 months before you turn 65 and 3 months after the month that you turn 65. Learn More Medicare & You 2016 Page 25 ======== Medicare Publication 11219 Page 3 Thus someone turning 65 last December has till the end of March to complete a MAPD Application and get coverage for April 1st
  • How soon can Jackie enroll and when will her Medicare coverage under this plan begin? Our monthly premium for March under our current Health Net HMO plan is due March 10th (I think). If Jackie enrolls and coverage under this plan begins before April 1st will the premiums for the two plans be pro-rated?
  • She can enroll 24/7 by using my Blue Shield Agent affiliate link above. Her coverage will begin April 1st. Coverage won’t start till then, so, just pay Health Net for March and this premium for April. I’m surprised that Health Net hasn’t dropped her….
  • Is there any supplemental coverage (which I think is referred to as “gap” coverage) available for prescription drug expense which is not paid by this plan? If so, what does it cost per month and what does it cover? Jackie takes Uloric 40 mg and it is expensive.
  • No! In fact it’s illegal to sell extra coverage. I don’t find the Blue Shield formulary handy. Did you want me to request it from Blue Shield Agent Support? The Medicare.Gov shop & compare tool shows the cost of Ulric 40 mg 30 pills/month to be $2,800 without insurance. It appears from the tool that Ulric is available mail order and would be $240/year. I double checked this on the Blue Shield Affiliate Enrollment and Information site and they show $480. This might be that I picked the wrong pharmacy on the Medicare Site.
  • Is this a Medicare Plan C which includes outpatient, inpatient and prescription drug coverage provided on an HMO basis by Beaver Medical Group (where Jackie and I currently have an HMO plan through Health Net)? What is the monthly cost if Jackie enrolls in this plan?
  • Here’s our Health Net page… Note that it doesn’t have a lot of information (CMS rules and all) and one just basically clicks through and then to enroll, just put in our agent code L 981. Here’s HN’s provider search. Beaver is on the Seniority Plus Sapphire Plan and the Seniority Plus Green Plan. The Sapphire Plan though has a $31 premium. It might be a plan for those on Medi-Cal & Medicare. Although, it’s not a requirement. Note the extra benefits, like transportation. Did you want me to double check?
  • I am starting anthem mediblue select.  A yearly dental cleaning and exam is included. How do I get the list of in network dentists in Riverside County, CA?
  • Someone just asked that exact same question yesterday. I responded on the dental page.
  • what is the difference in blue shield 65+ and blue shield 65+ choice medicare advantage plans? we now have the regular 65+ we live in huntington beach ca (orange county) 92649 thank you
  • Thank you very much for asking your question in the comments section of our website. It allows more people to learn the answers and get general information. The Plus Plan is offered in Orange County and Portions of Los Angeles County. To see if your MD’s are on the list, use the search feature, check this directory or call your MD’s. The choice plan has slightly better benefits.

Broker ONLY

Medicare Supplement Plan Changes for April 1, 2024


With current market evaluation, we have made the decision to discontinue Medicare Supplement Plan G Inspire effective 4/1/24.


Plan G Inspire has been in the market for 3 years and was only offered in select Northern CA counties.  Agents and members will find Medicare Supplement Plan G Extra to be the same benefits and equal or less cost, without the AAA Roadside Driver program.


To help you navigate this change, we sent out a Producer Alert, and attached are PDF documents for Plan G Inspire FAQ, Plan G Extra, and Medicare Supplement Plan Comparisons (G, G Extra, F Extra).  All marketing materials with Plan G Inspire will be updated by 4/1/24, including new enrollment, transfer, enrollment kits, marketing flyers, online references. It is highly recommended you read the FAQ and your Producer Alert link .


Current Plan G Inspire members will be notified October 1, 2024 and will be given a Special Enrollment Period to move to another supplement plan with no underwriting.


Plan G Extra is sold statewide and offers these same extra benefits as Plan G Inspire:

  • Over The Counter (OTC) through CVS
  • Vision
  • Acupuncture & Chiropractic
  • Teladoc
  • Hearing Aids
  • SilverSneakers
  • NurseHelp


Additionally, Plan G Extra offers our popular Welcome to Medicare rate savings of $25 for the first year, Auto-payment savings, Household Savings, and Dental discount. 

73 comments on “Blue Shield 65 Plus – Inspire HMO 2024

  1. Steve,

    you have mentioned to me in my san mateo county, part c will be available to me with out any premium

    How about other neighboring counties like santa clara, alameda etc in bay area.

    How can I verify the same?

    I am thinking of moving to low cost counties.

  2. tier one medication for ucla medical inspire hmo

    if there a charge for 90 days mail orders for my medicine

    zolpidem 5mg ,

    trazodone 50mg and

    lisinopril 2.5 mg ?

    what pharmacy will process orders?

  3. I live in Orange County and have Blue Shield 65 Plus.

    I got an outpatient X-ray done at my doctor’s, St Jude Heritage.

    On my summary of benefits

    it clearly states that I pay nothing.

    However, Blue Shield is telling me that because my doctor ordered 2 views it now becomes a “complex X-ray” to quote them and therefore I have to pay a $40 co-pay as if it was a ct scan etc,

    What is going on?

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