Member Website Overview
Member Website Overview

Benefits of creating-registering a

Member Portal Account

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  1. Register for an ONLINE Member Portal
  • Easily search and view benefit information
  • Change methods of payment for paying premiums
  • See claims by family member
  • Track deductibles and co payment amounts
  • Change PCPs and medical groups
  • Renew your plan
  • Print member ID cards – anytime, anywhere!Members can follow three easy steps to print a new ID card:
    1. Register for an ONLINE Member Portal
    2. Go to Member Overview and add New Member ID number (required).
    3. Click View . . . and Print ID.

    The ID card will work at the doctor’s office as soon as your client’s membership becomes effective. The plastic ID card will arrive in seven to 10 business days.

  • Check status of your Covered CA application with Blue Shield

Explanatory Videos on everything… from Blue Shield


Blue Shield Affliate Website for
Quotes and Instant Enrollment


Sample inquiry that you can make through the member portalInquiries you can make through the member portal

Inquiries you can make through the member portal


Learn how to register for 24/7 access to your health plan through either your online account or our mobile app.

Set up online payments
Set up online payments

Other pages in Blue Shield Information & Enrollment  Section

Blue Shield Website on what to do if you have long wait times to get stuff FAQ’s

Renewal Ceter for 2018 Plans 

Member Forms

Producer Portal for Forms

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