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California Choice provides a new and effective way to meet the changing needs of employees at small California companies; while offering an effective program that would enable business owners to continue subsidizing benefits in the face of rising healthcare premiums. 

As an authorized agent we are happy to help you get coverage at no extra charge to you. Cal Choice  compensates us to help you.

Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker  can give to the public.

If you are already a Cal Choice customer, we can help you with Service, IF your Employer sends us a Broker of Record letter.  Otherwise, please contact Cal Choice DIRECTLY at [email protected]   

The concept, known as a Defined Contribution Exchange, offers a solution that gives employers the advantage of cost control while achieving a higher level of employee retention through satisfaction. Employees can choose the health insurance company plan with the benefits and providers that specifically fit their needs.

California Choice offers:

Scroll down for a  list of premier carriers or just get a quote

You might also consider a Section 125  POP plan, so that the employee’s contributions are Tax Deductible.

Employer advantages in California Choice

Exceptional cost control
Guaranteed rates for 12 months
Full choice program offering 8 benefit levels
Multiple carriers and formulary options
Extensive provider network
Simple and efficient online administration
Single source billing
Full team support from enrollment through renewal Highly effective recruitment and retention tool
Instant FREE 24/7 Online Quotes – and other top companies 

Employee advantages

The freedom to choose the healthcare that suits their individual needs
Larger doctor network
Enhanced formulary options
The ability to access and update plan information,
Obtain forms 24/7

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    • The Wall Street Journal: Starbucks Widens Workers’ Health-Insurance Options
      • Starbucks Corp. on Monday became one of the most high-profile employers to switch its employees to a private health insurance exchange. Instead of the one health insurer and three medical coverage levels they have now, U.S. employees from Chief Executive Howard Schultz to store baristas working at least 20 hours a week will be able to choose from among up to six national and regional carriers, and five levels of medical plan starting in October. (Jargon and Wilde Mathews, 7/18)

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