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We’re here to help you with any enrollment, selection and service questions you might have.  Anthem pays us to help you at no extra charge!  Check out the brochures below and on either side.

How does it work if you want to #offer more than ONE Health plan?


Let’s take a look at the Employer Application


Choose what plans you want to offer from our Quote Engine and/or the Anthem/Blue Cross Guides


Choose plans to offer

  Contribution must be the same for all similarly situated Employee’s and Owners

Contribution Amount

Waiting periods to enroll must be the same for everyone.


Pick waiting period


Our webpage on waiting periods

We can also double check links to other pages on our website, cited below, Blue Cross Administrator Manual and their underwriting rules 

#Find a Anthem Blue Cross
Doctor, Physician, Dentist Hospital and other Providers

Anthem Blue Cross provider doctor search



Child, Related Pages & Site Map 

Easy Renew  
Anthem Whole Health Connection

Network PPO HMO Definitions

Investor Information & Financial Strength

Anthem Blue Cross
COVID Resource Center 

Coverage of COVID 19
Rev 8.2020

11.13.2020 Update  

Anthem Blue Cross FAQ COVID 19

10% premium discount for August 2020


Email us, if any links require a password

Broker ONLY requires log in
Materials on Blue Cross website

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5 comments on “Blue Cross – Anthem – Employer Plans

  1. Thanks for your efforts, you are top notch at what you do.
    I was so amazed at how much you know about your industry, how efficient you are and how you handled all my needs with a smile and such a caring attitude!
    You didn’t create any extra stress during one of the worst periods of my life.
    Lots of blessings of success to you Steve and the strength to care about the people around you.

  2. In terms of surgeries, do all surgeries usually require a prior authorization?
    Could you provide us with hospitals in Los Angeles County that are in network with Anthem?

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