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For NEW business, see our main UHP page.

Enrollment Options UHP

Three (Four) different ways to enroll new employees

4th way - just email us the application[email protected]

Enrollment Options UHP

Try this number too (800) 624-8822 

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6 comments on “Administration & Wellness

  1. UHC keeping sending me late notices when I’m not late, even the same day they send a bill. They cite AB 2470. What’s up with that?

  2. How do we terminate an employee? What COBRA or Cal COBRA forms do we have to give the former employee? Our group is under 20 lives.

    • See the links above, navigate to and download the Employer Group Reporting (Termination) Form You can always email us and we will send it to you, for example, if the form gets updated and you have trouble finding it.
      Here’s our webpage on Cal COBRA. The employee has the right to continue on the group plan for 3 years, but pays a 10% premium for doing so. He can also get guaranteed issue ACA/Obamacare. He can get quotes and enroll here. Note also that in general, all companies automatically send a Cal COBRA package to the terminated employee. Thus the termination form is the ONLY one needed.
      Form to notify UHC of a COBRA event.
      See pages 5 & 6 of the employer administration manual for more detail. I’m double checking to see if there is a more recent version.
      termination form

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