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How to administer your benefits

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United Health Care Employer eServices

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UHC Employer eServices® is a suite of online tools and resources to help simplify your job – providing secure access to eligibility updates, invoice processing and more.
  • Eligibility Updates
  • Pay Invoices Online
  • Wellness Tools & Tips
  • And More!

Employer eServices Eligibility Updates Pay Invoices Online Wellness Tools & Tips And More!

Customer Support   1-800-651-5465  ♦  1-866-336-9369

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    • If you can’t get the demo’s to run, here’s UHC’s response:
    • Please make sure for eServices site that ad or pop up blockers are disabled. If the issue persists please contact 1-800-651-5465 for eServices technical support.

#Enrollment Options UHP

Three (Four) different ways to enroll new employees

4th way - just email us the application[email protected]

Enrollment Options UHP

Try this number too (800) 624-8822

  • Question How do we terminate an employee? What COBRA or Cal COBRA forms do we have to give the former employee? Our group is under 20 lives.

  • Answer See the links above, navigate to and download the Employer Group Reporting (Termination) Form
    • You can always email us and we will send it to you, for example, if the form gets updated and you have trouble finding it.
    • Here's our webpage on Cal COBRA. The employee has the right to continue on the group plan for 3 years, but pays a 10% premium for doing so.
    • See pages 5 & 6 of the employer administration manual for more detail. I'm double checking to see if there is a more recent version.

My UHC.com 

  • tools and information for  quality outreach, advocacy and wellness programs.
  • Review benefits and coverage. •
  • Find network doctors and hospitals.
  • customized information and articles on hundreds of health-related topics.
  • HMO members may order health plan ID cards and change their provider, plus get access to interactive health information, health benefits, doctor directories, information on the Mail Service Pharmacy, health tips, resource links and more.
  • Customer Support  1-877-844-4999

United Health Care Website, find md, rx, dentist, vision

Health Insurance unfortunately is very complicated

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UHC #Wellness Engagement

UHC Health & Wellness

health topics and articles
Employer Group


  • Individuals

UHC Wellness  Employer & Member Materials

Cafe Well  Video

Wellness Programs
Get rewarded for going to the Gym
Weight Loss

UHC United Health Care
#Participation Audit

Do you have a high enough percentage of employees covered?

Are you a bonified business?

Questions about your Eligibility Audit?

Please contact Risk Management at:

1-877-504-1179 x 37754

3 comments on “Administration & Wellness

  1. UHC keeping sending me late notices when I’m not late, even the same day they send a bill. They cite AB 2470. What’s up with that?

    • Well I see that I had looked AB 2470 up some time earlier and it says in part, there must be 30 day notice for cancellation.

      So, if one gets a bill for October 1 and doesn’t pay it, they will be cancelled October 31st. So to comply, the Insurance Company must send the bill 30 days ahead of the cancellation day, which is practically the day they send the October bill!

      Here’s Blue Cross’s explanation

      Ca state law requires we send reminder notice to anyone who has not paid by the due date. We run a report around 25th of the month and mail out the letters by the 27th to anyone who has not paid for the invoice that generated on the 1st of the month (example June invoice generates on 5/1 so on 5/25 if you have not paid June yet we will send this letter on the 27th).

      This is just a reminder notice and its required by law so that is why we have to use certain language. I know some find it threatening but it’s just a reminder and not a threat to cancel you actually have until 6/30 to make the payment. I hope that helps explain.

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