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2020 2021 Blue Shield Medicare Rx Plus and Enhanced Plus (PDP) Summary of Benefits 

2020 2021 Blue Shield Medicare Rx Plus (PDP) Formulary

2020 2021 Blue Shield Medicare Enhanced Plus (PDP) Formulary

2020 2021 Blue Shield Medicare PDP Pharmacy Directory English and Spanish 

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2019  Blue Shield Medicare PDP Automatic Payment Form

2021 Blue Shield Medicare PDP Enrollment Form, English Spanish Korean Chinese Vietnamese
2020 Blue Shield Medicare PDP Enrollment Form English (PDF, 142KB)

2021 Blue Shield Medicare PDP Change of Plan Form, English and Spanish
2020 Blue Shield Medicare PDP Change of Plan Form, English (PDF, 64KB)

2021 Medicare Plan Ratings Information for PDP – English & Spanish
2020 Medicare Plan Ratings Information for PDP – English & Spanish (PDF, 136KB)

2020 2021 Medicare PDP Easy$Pay form (PDF, 399KB)

2020 2021 Medicare PDP disenrollment form

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6 comments on “Blue Shield Rx

  1. I am looking at Part D plans available for my area.

    The premiums vary widely. Express Scripts charges $22 a month for Part D
    while Blue Shield would charge $82 a month (!). I don’t want to pay $ 82. That’s alot.

    What is your opinion of Express Scripts ? They got 4 stars out of 5 in the ratings.
    What about other companies ?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • You can shop all Part D Rx plans from ALL companies at http://www.Medicare.Gov or on our affiliate site, where we won’t be your agent, but might get a finders fee.

      The compensation that agents get for Part D is virtually nothing. I don’t know how CMS or the Insurance Companies expect us to eat and be able to study all the complex crazy rules they have. I do grant that the federal government is paying hugh subsidies to support the program. Learn More ===> Wikipedia

      I don’t have an opinion on Express Scripts… There are dozens of companies writing Part D. If you want my expertise on something I’m not properly compensated for, you need to purchase a plan that I represent, like Blue Cross, Shield or AARP. I have the contacts there, and some familarity with their programs and policy. Here’s 10 reasons why you should use Steve Shorr Insurance, rather than wait on hold for hours with CMS, Medicare, direct with the Insurance Company, etc.

      I did recently get a bulletin from Blue Shield that they were buying Express Scripts? and that I would be able to sell that plan without having to do hours to qualify during the annual AHIP circus. I call it a circus as we only get power points and no reference material. I feel it’s an insult.

      If you want “advice” I need to see the print out from or Health Compare. How can I give advice when I have no idea what Rx you might be taking?

  2. SO MY RATE GOES UP 50%????




  3. I’m taking URSODIOL 300mg. How much will it cost in and out of the donut hole. I have Blue Shield Enhanced PDP.

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