Prescription Drug Coverage Guide # 11109

Part D Late Enrollment Penalty LEP Medicare 

How to Appeal?

What is the Part D Late Penalty &
How is the penalty calculated?

If you don’t buy Part D Rx when you are supposed to, as when you’re first eligible, going back to 1.2006 Wikipedia. there is a late enrollment  penalty LEP of 12%/year when you finally do Medicare & You, * Part D Rx Guide, * Medicare.Gov 

The penalty applies where there is  period of 63 or more days in a row when you don’t have Part D or other creditable prescription drug coverage.

See also  eligibility   & Residence  if you lived outside the USA.  See page 21 of Part D Rx Guide  for ways to avoid the penalty, such as qualifying for LIS Low Income Subsidy aka Extra Help.
Part D Rx Late Enrollment Penalty Calculator

Try turning your phone sideways to see the graphs & pdf's?

Appeals form & Where to send it

If you are being charged a Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP), you may request an LEP Reconsideration appeal with C2C Innovative Solutions, Inc , the Part D Qualified Independent Contractor.  . *     Just fill out the form and wait…  Be sure to read the form below for reasons to file an appeal.  There are not that many.

Part D LEP Appeal Form

appeals reconsideration form

View entire form and see all the reasons

Resources & Links

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Determinations and the Late Enrollment Penalty

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6 comments on “Part D Rx Late Enrollment LEP Penalty Appeals

  1. I was told from Social Security back in March 2018 that all I needed was part A Hospital & B Doctor Visits when I no longer have coverage though work.

    They did ask me what prescriptions I was taking & I was not taking any so they said all I needed was part A&B.
    Now I am being told that I will have to pay a penalty because I did not have plan D.

    I would have gotten part D back then if they told me, but again all they said I needed was part A&B

    What is the right way to appeal this matter?

    • Hearsay and what someone was told, are things that scare me very much. I do not listen to it. I do not accept it. I’m afraid! Here’s our webpage on the dangers of hearsay. This is why, I follow up my phone conversations with an email giving links to the full details of what we spoke about. This is why, I don’t take phone calls, unless I’m told in advance, what the questions will be, so that I can look up and get an authoritative answer.

      Here’s the form to file an appeal, including where to mail it to. Getting wrong information from a Government Agency is not on the form.

      Check our research here about someone that went to Social Security, got all signed up on the very last day and then Social Security lost the paperwork.

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