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Thanks for visiting our home page.   We are here to help you get the proper coverage for your financial protection, needs and budget.  We’ve been in the business since 1975 and have tons on educational and practical experience.  There is no extra charge for our services as guaranteed by law. Section 1301 a 1 c (iii) PPACA  *  42 U.S. Code § 18021,   The premiums are the same whether you go direct to an Insurance Company, another agent or hopefully us.  See our webpage on 17 reasons you’ll be happy with us as your agent/consultant for more detail and the citations.

Talking about citations, it’s our aim to be able to back up everything we say on this website, email, zoom, phone or face-mask to face-mask, with a citation, either to the relevant current & up to date law, regulation or official Insurance Company brochure.

We provide numerous ways to contact us…  see our menu above, meeting scheduler & contact below, email [email protected]  or the red button at the bottom of your smart phone or lower right if you’re on a full screen monitor.  We are happy to  answer questions from our website visitors at no charge or obligation, when questions are asked on the relevant page of our website.

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There is no extra charge for our assistance.  We are paid by the Insurance Companies to help you as we help them!

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