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Individual & Family Health Insurance

Guaranteed Enrollment for Covered California (Exchange) and direct (over 50% go direct) with all the carriers – Insurance Companies through this website.  You get our expertise at no extra charge – including our  

quote engine to figure premiums, benefits  and tax – subsidy credits INSTANTLY.

We are in the constant process of updating our website.  Check with us frequently.  We hope to let you know the latest in Health Reform Rules in effect and what’s coming next . If you know of anything new, that we don’t, please leaving it in the comments section below.

Generally, ALL claim payments that you receive from Health Insurance are NOT taxable.   Email us if you have a specific question.

You might also want to check out our disability page to recover your lost wages. G-d forbid, that you don’t recover you might want to check out our Life Insurance page to protect your loved ones.

All plans under ACA – Obamacare are guaranteed renewable (Insurance Code §10273.6) and they have contractual guarantees* not to single you out for a rate increase or cancellation,  even if you have too many claims like cancer, aids or heart trouble or other sickness or illness.   Email us – [email protected]


Wikipedia on Individually purchased Health Insurance IRS Publication #5187 New for 2014 – Health Care Law


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Enrolling in health plans through Covered California has helped people focus on their families and careers, and feel protected against unexpected medical issues.

2 comments on “Individual & Family Health Insurance CA

  1. I am in need of individual health insurance.

    My Cal COBRA coverage ends April 30, 2017.

    Can your office provide me with info and prices of individual medical insurance?

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