Final Expense, almost and  GUARANTEED issue Life Insurance:

Fidelity Life Brochure – Simplified Medical Questions – Graded Death Benefit

Gerber Life -We don’t get paid if you do it on their website directly so  email us [email protected] for further details and enrollment.

North Coast Graded Death Benefit – Simplified Issue – 5 questions

United (Mutual) of Omaha – Living Promise (Website General Info)

Highlight Sheet

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Questionnaire’s to see if you might qualify for a rated policy, rather than simplified or guaranteed graded benefits.  These policies should work for terminally ill, obesity, HIV and cancer as long as one lives long enough and can answer the questions favorably.

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Medical Bankruptcy

Final Expense Whole Life
Final Expense Whole Life

Final Expense –
Graded Premium Almost Guaranteed Issue Life Policies
Graded Premium Almost Guaranteed Issue Life Policies

Simplified Sample Questions

Fidelity Life - Simplified Questions

North Coast Life

Five Medical Questions:

If the answer to any of the following questions is “YES”, the proposed insured is not eligible for the insurance applied for.

Is the proposed insured currently: Bedridden at home or confined in a hospital, nursing home, or long term care facility?

Has a member of the medical profession ever diagnosed or treated the Proposed Insured for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS Related Complex (ARC)?

Within the past year has the Proposed Insured:

(a) had a stroke, angina, heart attack or failure, cardiac or circulatory surgery, or Diabetes (requiring shots)?

(b) had or been treated for internal cancer or melanoma, leukemia, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease, alcoholism, drug dependence, or liver cirrhosis?

(c) used oxygen equipment to assist in breathing or had any amputation caused by disease? (nc

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Life Insurance without the Covered Person knowing

confidential life coverage - someone owes you money

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#Confidential Life Insurance – Can I Insure someone without them knowing about it? 


Yes, you can now insure against financial loss as a result of the death of another person, with whom there is an INSURABLE interest, like alimony or child support without the insured person’s knowledge.

Additional  examples would be Bank Loans, Divorce Settlements, Investors, Business Managers/Agents, Movie Productions, Business Buy Outs/Buy Ins, Surrogate Mother Contracts

Costs of the last 2 months of life

click on graph to enlarge

cost of last two months of life

Increasing Cost of Dying

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graph increasing cost of dying

Child Pages

2 comments on “Final Expense – Almost Guaranteed Issue

  1. It is my understanding that I

    can purchase a life insurance policy on my mother if I have an insurable interest.

    My mother is 74 years old and has always been in good health, but in recent months her health has taken a turn. She refuses to seek medical treatment and has not been to the doctor in probably 45 years. There has been no diagnoses and there are no medical records. She essentially is penniless and when she passes away the burial and other expenses will fall on myself and other siblings. As mentioned, she will NOT go to the doctor, so a medical exam is out of the question, nor would she ever consent to a life insurance policy being taken out on her (as she does not think she will ever die).

    Am I able to purchase a policy without her getting an exam and without her signature to protect myself?

    ***Maybe.  The FIRST question though, is, are you willing to pay the standard premiums for a guaranteed issue graded benefit plan?

    2nd, we do have a confidential policy available, just for conversation sake, let’s say the premiums are double what a policy that your Mother would sign for would be.  Would you pay that premium?


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