What rights does a patient have to review their MIB, Doctor & Hospital Medical Records?
What rights does a patient have to talk directly to his doctor or other professionals involved in treatment?


Right to review your Medical Records

You have the right  right to get copies of all your medical records. HHS.gov *   As of April 2021, electronically, without delay. CA Health Line * Federal CURES ACT Rule * KFF *  Usually at your provider’s offices.

MIB Medical Information Bureau for Insurance Underwriting decisionsRequest your MIB file

A new law called HIPAA does allow health care providers to withhold certain types of medical records, including:

  • psychotherapy notes
  • information the provider is gathering and compiling for lawsuits, and
  • medical information that the provider believes could reasonably endanger your life, your physical safety, or the safety of another person.

Usually, if the provider denies your request for medical records, it must provide you with a denial letter. In some cases, you may be able to appeal the denial.

HIPAA requires medical providers to provide copies of medical records within 30 days of your request. nolo.com/medical-records-information-rights-


You also have the right to know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service and to know which physician or other practitioner is primarily responsible for your care.

You have the right to obtain, from the practitioners responsible for coordinating and providing your care, complete and current information about diagnosis (to the degree known), treatment, alternatives, risks and any known prognosis. This information should be  communicated in terms you can understand

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health information exchange, or HIE

The health information exchange, or HIE, would cover 40 million people in California’s 58 counties, and would in part quickly inform emergency room doctors and nurses of a patient’s medical history, e.g., a preexisting condition, before her care.  The law AB 133 Jim Wood (D-Eureka), was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom as a budget trailer bill in July 2021 Capital Weekly.net

Cal Index 
California Integrated Data Exchange

Cal INDEX will allow physicians, nurses, and hospitals throughout the state to share patients’ health information to help them provide the safest, highest-quality care possible.

The California Integrated Data Exchange  was launched by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California.

California’s two Blues insurers are committing $80 million to launch yet another health information exchange in the Golden State, one that its founders claim will initially attract more than 30 of the state’s largest healthcare provider organizations.

 “providers and plans must collaborate to ensure that Californians receive quality healthcare at a sustainably affordable price—and a fundamental component is sharing comprehensive patient information broadly and efficiently. We are committed to moving the health system in California into the digital age and improving access to health data by the provider teams that need it in order to deliver safe, high-quality care.”

The more doctors and nurses know about a patient, the better care we can deliver,”  help speed up treatment, lower costs, and most importantly, save lives.   Modern Health    Modern Health


Blue Shield notifies subscribers of Cal INDEX enrollment

This is a reminder of information we sent you last October. Blue Shield will notify a final group of subscribers in mid-October 2015 of Cal INDEX enrollment. This final group of subscribers enrolled before a more streamlined process was created earlier this year. Through the end of 2015, new Blue Shield subscribers will be notified via the online welcome process or via a buck slip in their welcome letter of their enrollment in Cal INDEX. Beginning in 2016, the notification will be incorporated into all Evidence of Coverage documents.

As you may be aware, Blue Shield of California cofounded the new statewide health information exchange, California Integrated Data Exchange (Cal INDEX), to reduce the cost and improve the quality of care for all Californians.

Cal INDEX is an independent not-for-profit organization that is creating a statewide database of electronic patient records that will include health information from doctors and health insurers. This allows healthcare providers and hospitals throughout the state to securely access patient health information so they can provide the safest, highest-quality care possible.

We are pleased to join other leading health plans, physicians, and hospitals as we automatically enroll our members in Cal INDEX.

Subscriber notification purpose

We will notify all Blue Shield subscribers* by mail of their automatic enrollment in Cal INDEX. The notification letter explains the purpose and value of Cal INDEX, its privacy practices, and the opt-out process.

  • Note: Self-funded group clients are currently excluded from these mailings.

Helping subscribers opt out of Cal INDEX

Participation in Cal INDEX for Blue Shield members is completely free and voluntary. If a subscriber and/or their dependents do not wish to have their healthcare information displayed in Cal INDEX, they can fill out the online form at www.calindex.org/opt-out or call (888) 510-7142. They can follow the same process to re-establish participation in Cal INDEX at any time. Please see the FAQ at www.calindex.org/faq/ for additional information about how subscribers and their dependents can opt out of Cal INDEX.

Learn more

You and your clients can learn more about Cal INDEX at www.calindex.org. To learn more about Blue Shield subscriber notifications, please contact your Blue Shield account manager.

Attached for your reference

Blue Shield Cal INDEX subscriber notification letter

Blue Shield notifies Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan and Prescription Drug Plan (MAPD/PDP) members of upcoming Cal INDEX enrollment
Attached for your reference

Blue Shield of California is a HMO and PDP plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Blue Shield of California depends on contract renewal.

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