Maternity – Birth Control – Infertility

How is Maternity Covered under ACA/Health Care Reform/Obamacare




Infertility Coverage 

Infertility on Group Plans

Excerpt from Health Net Plan Guide

Health Net Infertility Optoin


Specimen Individual Policy #EOC with Definitions

Employer Group Sample Policy

It's often so much easier and simpler to just read your Evidence of Coverage EOC-policy, then look all over for the codes, laws, regulations etc!  Plus, EOC's are mandated to be written in PLAIN ENGLISH!

Specimen Policy with Definitions

VIDEO Steve Explains how to read EOC

Videos by Steve Shorr

IVF – Fertility Treatments 


Birth Control  —   G-d Forbid Abortions

Birth Control – Contraception




Abortion G-d Forbid

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