How do I find and use Medicare Advantage Provider Lists?
Find which Providers take my coverage?

Who are Medi Gap and Medicare A & B Providers?

Medicare Advantage Plans have Provider Lists just like HMO’s as that’s basically what they are.   Just scroll down or look to the right and we have Medicare’s, Blue Cross & Blue Shields provider finders.  

Medi Gap plans  allow you to go to ANY MD or Facility which accepts Medicare.

Scroll down and we have links to various  Medical Group or Hospital websites showing what plans they accept.  IMHO its a good idea to double check both the hospital or medical groups website along with the Insurance Companies and Medicares.

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  1. I just got a mailing from a hospital and/or physicians group saying they had agents in their office that would give me a free consultation to pick the best Insurance Plan.

    So, what do I need you for?

    • We can help you pick a plan that meets your needs and MD preferences. Provider Lists can change all the time… Check out UCLA and SCAN vs Blue Shield. There are restrictions though on saying Best

      Just use our scheduler to set a time for us to call or Skype you. If your in the South Bay Los Angeles area you can visit our office or we can come to your home or office.

      Please note that Federal Law mandates you sign a permission slip SOC Scope of Appointment to have a meeting.

      Please also complete our intake form, so we can research things in advance for you.

      We get paid by the insurance companies to help you, so we don’t have to charge you for our time, expertise and research.

    • Please use the Search Finders above. If you need one for UHC, email us or google it. UHC Medicare doesn’t allow agents – brokers to put anything meaningful on our website

  2. i go to see a county psychiatrist i want to keep seeing same 1

    It’s complicated for me trying to figure out how to read if i can see same Psychiatrist its a county or contracted by county mental health

    Do the Medicare advantage ones want you to go to there dr,s only?

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