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Member Resource Guide  

Getting care away from home

get care while away from home. Visit kp.org/travel or call 951–268–3900 for more information.

Renewal Information

small business service tips on account.kp.org and click on “Making health plan changes at renewal.” Member Tools

SBC Summary of Benefits

Renewal FAQ’s

Contact & Service

Who to Contact  besides [email protected]
California Service Center at [email protected].


Treatment Cost Estimator Tool

The tool is for all Kaiser Members that are enrolled on Deductible or  Health Savings Account Plans.  The cost estimates are for services that are marked “after deductible” to give members an idea of the cost of  those services.

Kaiser Estimates Tool

Employer #Portal Account Services Tour

watch a short introduction and review training resources for employers and brokers.

kaiser online portal website tour

  • Kaiser’s Customer Account Services website is a powerful tool that will simplify your healthcare administration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Enroll/Terminate Employees & Dependents
  • Update Membership Information
  • View Real-Time Membership
  • View Monthly Bill & Six Months of Previous Bills
  • View Real-Time Balances & Pay Your Bill Online
  • And Much More!
  • Get a preview of online account services and use our online account services user ID request form to request access For more information or to schedule your free online training:

Please email us at: [email protected] or call 1-800-731-4661, option 3.

Email best practises

Kaiser Small Employer #Administrative Manual
Rev July 2020

Kaiser Small Employer Administrative Manual July 2020


Get Instant Term Life Quote

get term life quotes

Life Insurance Buyers Guide

NAIC Life Insurance Buyers Guide

How much  life insurance you really need?

Video Insurance Unnecessary Cost?

6 comments on “Administrative Tools & Info

  1. Our payment was due 4/25/2018.
    I wasn’t aware that I had to fill out forms to pay the bill online and now it’s late.
    I’m scared to death it’s too late and our plan will be cancelled.
    Is there a grace period?

    • See page 33 of the Employer Administrative manual above. It explains how to pay your bill and the various options.
      Have you set up a Kaiser ONLINE account? CAS.KP.ORG See above for more information.
      Here’s the Silver 70 Evidence of Coverage as an example http://info.kaiserpermanente.org/healthplans/plandocuments/california/pdfs/2018/Small_Business/SCR/2018_Sample_SCR_Small_EOC_Silver_70_HMO_1000-50_Child_Dental_Alt_10384.pdf
      Here’s an excerpt (This is from a client file, I don’t find a sample in the Kaiser Forms section, thus there is no link to it – check your own group agreement) from page 3 of the group services agreement:
      Termination for Nonpayment
      Premium payments are due as described in the “Premiums” section. If Health Plan does not receive full Premium payment on or before the due date, we will send a notice of nonpayment to Group as described under “Notices” in the “Miscellaneous Provisions” section. This notice will include the following information:
       A statement that we have not received full Premium payment and that we will terminate this Agreement for nonpayment if we do not receive the required Premiums by the specified date
       The amount of Premiums that are due If we terminate this Agreement because we did not receive the required Premiums when due, the Agreement will terminate on the date specified in the notice of nonpayment, which will be at least 30 days after the date of the notice. The Agreement will remain in effect during this grace period, but upon termination Group will be responsible for paying all past due Premiums, including the Premiums for this grace period.
      We will mail a termination notice to Group as described under “Notices” in the “Miscellaneous Provisions” section if we do not receive full Premium payment within 30 days after the date of the notice of non receipt of payment.
      Did you find our research prompt and helpful? How about appointing us as your broker – no additional charge. Just check this page https://employers.healthreformquotes.com/paper-census-form/broker-record-letter/ and put the wording on your letterhead and email to us @ [email protected]

    • See the question below about how to add an employee and note the forms page and administrative manual, page 18.
      Terminating membership
      You’re required to report a termination for anyone who becomes ineligible for coverage.
      To terminate membership coverage, complete the Subscriber Termination and Transfer form. You can submit the changes through online account services or you can fax the completed form to 858-614-3344 (Northern California groups) or 858-614-3345 (Southern California groups), or email the completed form to [email protected].
      When an employee’s coverage is terminated, the entire family account is terminated, including coverage for any dependents. Depending on the reason for termination, the employee and dependents may be eligible for other health coverage, such as:
      • Individual or conversion plans • COBRA continuation coverage • Cal-COBRA continuation coverage
      For information on Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families coverage or Kaiser Permanente Conversion plans,

    • See the links above for the Small Group Administrative Manual for instructions to make the change on page 15.

      See the forms page for the new enrollment form

      Here’s an excerpt of the instructions. You can also, just email to us and then we can follow through for you.

      How to enroll new hires:
      1. Have each new enrollee complete and sign an Employee Enrollment form. Be sure the form is completed. Missing or inaccurate information will delay enrollment processing. Keep copies of all completed and signed enrollment forms and any other proof of enrollment you receive.

      2. Submit the new enrollee information to Kaiser Permanente: • Through online account services If you don’t receive confirmation of new online enrollment within a few days, call the enrollment department at the Small Business Services, California Service Center 800-790-4661, option 1 or check your online account services account.

      • By fax or mail Fax or mail completed forms.

      For Northern California: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan P.O. Box 23250 San Diego, CA 92193-3250 Fax: 858-614-3344

      For Southern California:
      Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
      P.O. Box 23219
      San Diego, CA 92193-3219
      Fax: 858-614-3345

      Enrollment applications should be submitted 2 to 3 weeks before the effective date to ensure that we’ll have enough time to process the applications and mail the member ID cards.

      To verify receipt of enrollment forms, call 800-790-4661, option 1 72 hours after you send the forms. Most forms are processed within 7 to 10 days of receipt.

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