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HSA’s Publication 969
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Contribution Amounts
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Future Value Calculator
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What’s this about embedded & aggregate deductibles?
Individual vs Family Deductibles?

Under family coverage, an embedded deductible is the individual deductible for each covered person, embedded in the family deductible. While it might not sound like a good thing to have two deductibles, it actually works to provide better coverage for individual members because once each family member meets his or her embedded deductible, health insurance begins paying for covered services, regardless of whether the larger family deductible is met.

Contrast this to a non-embedded deductible, also referred to as an aggregate deductible. Under an aggregate deductible, the total family deductible must be paid out-of-pocket before health insurance starts paying for the health care services incurred by any family member. While family coverage with an aggregate deductible may have a lower monthly premium, coverage won’t kick in until the total family deductible is met. In contrast, family health plans with an embedded deductible may help ensure that there is coverage for individual family members once they meet their embedded deductible, regardless of whether the family deductible is met. Unfortunately, the Summary of Benefits and Coverage won’t necessarily tell you if the deductible is embedded or not; you may have to call the plan to learn how the deductible will be applied for your coverage.   Learn More⇒ Center on Health Insurance Reforms   AB 1305

If two or more on a policy it’s the Family Deductible NOT individual, with a family max?

See excerpt of Blue Cross Bronze HSA Page 55 on Family or Individual Deductible

NEW for 2016!!!  Embedded – HSA plans had an aggregate deductible where one person could meet the entire family deductible.   Now a family member will not be charge more than the individual deductible and be able to receive benefits soonerBC RSM Email 9.29.2015    SHRM.org   AB 1305 2015 Bonta

2017 NEW Laws & Regulations effective 1.1.2017  AB 1305, 339 & 1954  SB 999 – Deductible & OOP Maximums FAQ’s

What is the Maximum that can be contributed to an HSA – Health Savings Account?

Check our Introduction Page for current limits

.HSA resources.com  faq

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

What are the advantages of owning an HSA?

Can an HSA save you money?


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