Oscar Member Experience

The Oscar App

See why Oscar's mobile app is the industry leader for member engagement.


Concierge - reinventing customer service with a personalized team of 3 care guides and a nurse - for every member.

 1 page flyer on what happens after enrollment - how to pay premium




Oscar App Demo Video

Check out the Oscar mobile app demo video and share with your clients.

Doctor on Call Demo Video

You've seen telemedicine before, but not like this. Check it out.

Concierge Demo Video

Every Oscar member gets a dedicated team of care guides and a nurse. See how it works.


Doctor on Call

Members can talk to a doctor in 15 minutes or less - right from their phone.

Oscar App - Find MD, etc


Doctor - Through the App - Doctor on call - No co-pay - unlimited




Making Health Care more human

How to find MD's in Oscar App



Oscar Playlist 19 videos, about 15 seconds each


Modern Technology

Finding a Doctor

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