Oscar Member Experience

The Oscar App

See why Oscar’s mobile app is the industry leader for member engagement.



Concierge – reinventing customer service with a personalized team of 3 care guides and a nurse – for every member.


Doctor on Call

Members can talk to a doctor in 15 minutes or less – right from their phone.

 1 page flyer on what happens after enrollment – how to pay premium




Oscar App Demo Video

Check out the Oscar mobile app demo video and share with your clients.

Oscar App – Find MD, etc

Doctor on Call Demo Video

You’ve seen telemedicine before, but not like this. Check it out.

Doctor – Through the App – Doctor on call – No co-pay – unlimited

Concierge Demo Video

Every Oscar member gets a dedicated team of care guides and a nurse. See how it works.

Making Health Care more human
How to find MD’s in Oscar App
Oscar Playlist 19 videos, about 15 seconds each
Modern Technology

Finding a Doctor

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