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I checked with Oscar circa 4.4.2019 and their Tel Med is just for an initial visit. 


We cover Medically Necessary Covered Services offered through Telehealth by an InNetwork Provider subject to the terms and conditions of the Our contracts with InNetwork Providers. Telehealth Visits from certain Oscar-designated Telehealth Providers are covered in full. These Telehealth Visits can be requested through Oscar’s website, mobile application, and our customer service line. Call customer service at 1-855-672-2755 or contact them via Our website at www.hioscar.com for additional information.



  EOC – Evidence of Coverage.  


Further clarification from Oscar:

Our Doctor on Call benefit is on all Oscar plans and include Oscar physicians that are board certified in your state.

These physicians are not specialists, they generally are listed as Internal Medicine, Primary Care, etc.

These doctors are not found on our website because there is no way to visit/select which doctor you speak to.

The physicians often service multiple states, as they are generally certified in multiple.

Personally, when I used the Doctor on Call benefit (at 11 pm) the doctor called me within 10 minutes.

If I called again today I would likely be speaking to a different physician.


doctor on demand.com   



Google Search for ONLINE Therapists

Here’s what I googled for online therapists. Check with them and ask what Insurance Plans they take. Then double check on the official Insurance Company provider list.






Enroll and get quotes with Oscar - No extra charge for broker support
Enroll and get quotes with Oscar - No extra charge for broker support

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Instant Health Quotes & Enroll  

15 Reasons to appoint us as your broker - No extra charge  

Instant complementary quotes & subsidy calculation
Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause -
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Detailed Video Instructions on using our Quote Engine 


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Oscar Billboard
Oscar Billboard

Two page summary of setting up an Oscar Account

The Oscar App

See why Oscar's mobile app is the industry leader for member engagement.


Concierge - reinventing customer service with a personalized team of 3 care guides and a nurse - for every member.

 1 page flyer on what happens after enrollment - how to pay premium




Oscar App Demo Video

Check out the Oscar mobile app demo video and share with your clients.

Doctor on Call Demo Video

You've seen telemedicine before, but not like this. Check it out.

Concierge Demo Video

Every Oscar member gets a dedicated team of care guides and a nurse. See how it works.

Doctor on Call

Members can talk to a doctor in 15 minutes or less - right from their phone.

Oscar App - Find MD, etc

Doctor - Through the App - Doctor on call - No co-pay - unlimited

Making Health Care more human

How to find MD's in Oscar App

Oscar Playlist 19 videos, about 15 seconds each

Modern Technology

Finding a Doctor

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