What do Obamacare plans have that the “skinny” prior plans don’t?
How do they compare side by side?
What are the 10 essential benefits?
How does this compare to the Kaiser HMO Benchmark Plan?

Here we’ve marked up  a “sample” Platinum 2014 Brochure to see what we could find in it, that was not in Non ACA plans.  This is NOT sales material, there are laws that mandate Sales material must be approved by the company 1  This is EDUCATIONAL use only!

Page 9 of the Millman Study estimates 3 to 17% rate increase for essential health benefits.

Skinny plans might allow employers to avoid the penalty, even without covering hospital charges and other essential benefits! Wall St. Journal

Other pages in this section

 787 (i) All advertisements used by agents, producers, brokers, solicitors, or other persons for a policy of an insurer shall have written approval of the insurer before they may be used.

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