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2018 Metal Levels including Enhanced Silver

Four Metal Levels including Enhanced Silver - Click to enlarge

2018 Metal Tier Level

Covered CA Metal Level Benefit Design for 2016


♦   Blue Shield Flyer Metal Levels Rev 1.2016

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Covered CA Standard Plan Benefit Designs Page 6 – use bookmarks Plan Rates 2014 updated 6.28.2013

Covered CA Regulations for 2016 Standard Benefit Design

2016 Table Source

Cigna and Humana, another big health insurer, have ceased paying brokers to sell many higher-benefit “gold” marketplace plans for individuals and families while continuing to pay commissions on more-profitable, lower-benefit “bronze” plans, according to documents and interviews. CA Health Line 1.4.2016

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Covered CA Brochure 2015

♦  Above Chart from Covered CA Website 2015

♦   WAY more detail – three to four pages EACH plan – 2015


Metal Level Chart