Laura’s Law allows courts to order certain historically violent, dangerous, or incarcerated individuals to accept treatment as a condition of living in the community. To be eligible individuals must have a serious mental illness that causes them to be unlikely to survive safely in the community without supervision, and been in a hospital, prison or jail at least twice within the last thirty-six months; or involved in acts, attempts or threats of serious violent behavior toward self or others within the last forty-eight months.

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Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health – Implementation 3 pages

Outreach & Engagement

(213) 738-2440


Welfare & Institutions Code §5348 et seq

Court Services for mentally ill who get involved in Criminal Cases – Mental Health Court Linkage Program

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5 comments on “Laura’s Law – Court Mandated Mental Health Treatment

  1. My son Has been diagnosed with schizophrenic as of October 2019

    I start at the program with you in March 2020 everything was going fine until my son took off and has not been found until September 25,2030 because we did not know his whereabouts the process with LACDMH stopped .

    I’d like to know what can I do now to continue to have this program go again. He his currently in and out of the hospital and will refuse to take medicine. Because he’s been off with medication since March 2020 He starting to hallucinate and have the same problems again,

    I’m scared I don’t know what to do he’s 19 years old It will not get the help he needs.

    Ps: I also heard for the six months he had disappeared he had been robbed two times at gunpoint and has been sleeping at Parks in benches

  2. How are you doing today?,

    I’m her mom and i am giving you details on my 23 yr.old daughter.

    She is a menace to society, Especially to me and her dad.,She know we Love! her. That’s how serious it is. We thought it was her just going threw a faze,After 4yrs. of Hell her dad and I can’t try to protect her anymore,

    We Tried to protect are neighbors from her ,

    We had to tell them she is Very Bipolar,manic,anxietie, That’s what the doctors diagnosed her.

    My neighbors are scared Straight,meaning…To be on the defense Everytime they see her.We have to Keep calling the pet team to pick her up,Even they can’t seem to help.

    The hospital won’t put a hold on her,

    So here we go again and again. Everything we Try to put her out, Everyone in the Neighborhood keeps calling us on she she keeps trying to Force her way in there house.

    She Needs Your Help,

    Please help her. We are running low on energy, My husband is trying to recuperate from cancer,and

    She is Definitely making it worse!.

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