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FINALLY, the calculators have been completed to make the Affordable Care Act much easier to understand.  One can now get the quotes, benefits, view actual brochures, MD and Hospital Lists all ONE easy to use no obligation – anonymous quote engine calculator!  Just click here, enter your zip code, enter date of birth, family – household taxation relationships (MAGI – Definition),    Estimated 2014 or after the 11.15.2014 Open Enrollment Starts 2015 Income (MAGI).   If you qualify for tax credits – subsidies and want them in advance of filing your taxes click on “Health On Exchange” - Covered CA, illustrated below.   Quick Reference Federal Poverty Level Chart.   This website and are individual consultation are provided to you FREE of Charge!  We are paid by Covered CA to help you.  Please complete this agent appointment form, so that we can get paid.


Screen Shot from Quote Engine

You can then see all the quotes on the exchange, showing the Cost Share Reduction – Enhanced Silver  if available, subsidy – tax credit amount and your net premium.    If you click “Off Exchange” you will see more plans and companies like Assurant and CIGNA who are not participating and may have larger provider lists.


Screen Shot from Quote Engine

The quote engine shows you TONS of plans and variations.  To narrow it down, click on the features and companies you are most interested in.  If you qualify for Enhanced Silver, we urge you to take it.  A 94% Silver is better than 90% Platinum!


Screen Shot – how to get closer to the plan you want


 Then click on “View Plan Details” – “View Doctor’s & Providers” – to compare and get more information.  Please note that the quote engine does not show enhanced silver, but shows silver at 70%.  Check our chart for the better silver coverage.   To apply, click on apply now or use the links in the right hand column, ON THIS PAGE, but it will have you redo the quote for that specific company.   The price is the SAME, no matter if you use us, go direct to Covered CA or the Insurance Company, as mandated by law!  If applying through Covered CA, be sure to sign the form to appoint us as your agent.  It’s not all the easy to figure out how to do it on their website.


Screen Shot

 If you have any questions email [email protected] or call us 519.1335

IRS.Gov  FAQ’s on Premium Tax Credit   ♦   Publication 5120 Get it now or later  ♦   Pub 2121 Facts about Premium Tax Credit  ♦  Pub 5152 Report Income Changes as they happen  ♦   Consumer Union Explanation for filing Taxes


 Historical Info


>Video Explanation Tax Credits – Subsidies to buy Health Insurance are  generally available if your income  is under $45k for one person & $95k for a family of 4.

To find out the amount of your subsidy (Calheers) calculation  just put in your zip code and dates of birth in our FREE Instant CA Quote Engine   (Nationwide use KFF.org)  you will instantly  get the actual premiums, benefits, co-pays, deductibles & coverage’s and can compare plans side by side, click here for Enhanced Silver upgrades.

Then email us your estimated Family – Household  Income for 2014 – MAGI Line 37 of your Tax Return.  We will send you within two working hours your subsidy calculation just like that shown above.   Then just subtract the monthly subsidy from the premiums you instantly viewed from our free quote engineGoogle Search Overall Tax Estimators.

Open Enrollment lasts till 3.31.2014, with coverage starting “basically” AB 1461 the 1st of the month after you enroll.  This website and our expertise is furnished to you at NO extra charge.  We get paid when you select us as your Certified Insurance Agent.



So, basically, what the above calculation shows is that the “average silver” plan – Benchmark Rate would run this couple $397 from which they can subtract the Advance Premium Tax Credit of $303 for a net premium of $94/month, as also shown in the Max % of Income.

FPL means Federal Poverty Level – Chart which is used to determine if you qualify for Medi-Cal or the kids do.

Married Couples MUST file jointly to qualify for Tax Credits. (Scroll down after clicking link)

Cost Share Reduction – Normally the Silver Plan pays 70% of the expenses for Essential Health Benefits for your age & zip code.  Depending on income, Silver level can increase, up to 94%.

Metal Levels?

The premium tax credit is refundable so taxpayers who have little or no income tax liability can still benefit. irs.gov  FAQ’s   Learn more on how and when to use the Credit.


If you already have affordable insurance (less than 9.5% of income for EmployEE and covers 60% of expected costs) from your employer or a government program like Medicare,  MedicaidMedi Cal  you won’t be able to get the Premium Tax Credit, coveredca.com   but you can still purchase guaranteed issue coverage using the premium and beenfits shown.

One BIG advantage to EmployER provided coverage is that it comes to you and your boss as a TAX FREE Benefit.   Have your employer contact us for a free consultation and proposals. If you are contributing to your Employer’s Group Health Plan, your contributions can be Tax Deductible with a Section 125 POP (Premium Only) Plan.

CHFC study 8.14.2013 estimates 50% of applicants will get subsidies.

Learn more on Getting Financial Help Credits and Subsidies from Covered CA (The Exchange)

Call us 310.519.1335310.519.1335” data-isfreecall=”false” data-isrtl=”false” data-ismobile=”false”>310.519.1335310.519.1335  Stay away from Covered CA, unless you need subsidies


Not in CA?  Use the Kaiser Foundation Calculator    –  Sample Calculation WITH Explanations of how it works


Individual & Families can also deduct premiums and expenses that are over 7 1/2 % of adjusted gross income.  IRS publication 502 html pdf10%PPACA 9013

Price sticker shock?

Check out Health Savings Account’s (HSA’s) to have the deductible tax advantaged.

More on Individual Tax Credits Tax Credit Calculator

Consumer Links

§1.36b-1 Premium tax credit definitions Definitions Household Income

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  1. Steve Shorr says:

    HealthCare.Gov and I presume Covered CA & Insurance Company Websites — will not display insurance premiums until mid-November, about when the Affordable Care Act’s second open enrollment period begins. In addition, incorrect translations can be found on the Spanish-language version of HealthCare.gov (AP/Washington Times, 10/9). http://www.californiahealthline.org/articles/2014/10/9/white-house-updates-healthcaregov-improves-user-capacity

  2. Steve Shorr says:

    Covered CA Income Verification throws some enrollees into Medi-Cal and STOPS commissions to agents! http://www.sacbee.com/2014/09/09/6693006/income-checks-throw-californians.html

  3. Steve Shorr says:

    HHS report – exchanges not properly verifying eligibility and subsidies


    Exchanges ordered to verify http://www.californiahealthline.org/articles/2014/8/4/hhs-asks-insurance-exchange-enrollees-to-verify-subsidy-eligibility

    Information from another agent on how Covered CA is sending a ton of letters NOW to make everyone comply… We have these on our website too. Mr. Knauss is just more wordy than me. http://insuremekevin.com/2014/09/03/immigration-income-notices-sent-covered-california-consumers/

  4. Steve Shorr says:

    Subsidies cover 75% of premiums on HealthCare.gov

    The average total monthly premium was $346 for individuals who qualified for federal subsidies, which are available to households with incomes up to 400% of the federal poverty level. But those individuals will only be responsible for $82 per month once the premium tax credits are applied.

    “It just serves as a reminder of the fact that these exchanges are serving a high-need, low-income population,”

    But individuals with incomes under 250% of poverty who enroll in silver-tier plans
    also are eligible for federal cost-sharing subsidies that reduce their share of total costs to an average of 6%.


  5. Steve Shorr says:

    Legal Challenges to subsidies may end them and Obamacare see our new page for more info http://wp.me/P3GNe3-1C0

  6. Steve Shorr says:

    Why CA doesn’t charge extra for smokers as allowed by Health Care Reform – No subsidy for smoking surcharge!


  7. Steve Shorr says:

    Appeals court leaning toward gutting subsidies at HealthCare.Gov Check our new page for info http://healthreformquotes.com/individual/subsidy-calculation/kiss-faqs/court-rulings-subsidies/

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