How to Facilitate a Talking Circle


Q: I am not Native American.  Can I still hold groups/circles?

A: Yes! One thing to keep in mind, the gatherings and the circle are not yours. It belongs to the individuals who attend. The videos are the teacher. You are coordinating a safe environment for people to meet and share. It is said we don’t put information/teachings in, we pull information teachings out.


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Another common circle, and perhaps the most powerful, is the healing circle. This is generally guided by the conductor, and will be convened to deal with issues that are bothering people. These issues may be specific, or the circle may be called to simply allow everyone to get any problems off their chests.


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Don Coyhis, President of White Bison gives an introduction on the 2009 Wellbriety Journey for Forgiveness.

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How to identify a Toxic Person

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