SNAFU’s (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) of Covered CA in 2015

Covered CA STILL doesn’t have a properly working website! Learn More⇒ CA HealthLine 8.21.215  ♦  Los Angeles Times   4.5.2014  ♦   8.24.2015

Covered CA website, putting people into Medi-Cal that don’t belong there, if you try to change income.  CA HealthLine 12.15.2014

Then Medi-Cal becomes the KING and keeps them there!

Vents and Rants on Covered CA Facebook Page

CA Healthline 12.11.2014 SNAFU’s 

Covered CA Error Code 000 20.2014

What’s up  EARLY renewal with Covered CA, when Open Enrollment doesn’t start till 11.15.2014.   How about letting us wait till all the brochures for 2015 are printed and posted and not asking us to buy a pig in a poke, read the comparison of fruit cocktail from an associate of mine. 

All companies are making errors on renewal information and letters going out  (Insure Me

10.17.2014 Report on Lessons Learned

See our 2014 SNAFU Page

4,100 Health Net Members cancelled by Covered CA!!!  HN Bulletin   Friendly Competitor Commentary  Must act by Sunday 12.21.2014!!!  – Turns out to be a “hoax?”    Excerpt of Email from Covered CA 12.23.2014     Please be advised that Covered California is not terminating policies from Health Net. What this email is referring to is the Health Net PPO policies that are not going to get auto enrolled due to that particular plan no longer being offered by Health Net.

In order for those clients to get a new plan, they need to go in and manually choose one.

All of these clients that currently have a Health Net PPO plan have already previously been notified by Health Net that their plan is not going to be offered in 2015. If your client is currently on a Health Net PPO plan, they need to choose a new plan by 12/21 in order to receive a 1/01/15 effective date for whatever new plan they choose.

Hello Steve,  (excerpt of 1.7.2015 email from Covered CA)

Thank you for contacting Covered California™ I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

Unfortunately, the county office Medi-Cal did an audit on this application on 1/2/2015 and they completed an income change and the income is now showing zero. The county overrides Covered CA and the clients will have to contact there local Medi-Cal office and have Medi-Cal update there correct income then you can do a Report A Change and put the income back in for this family and the application will allow you to put the insurance plan back in. If Medi-Cal does not get updated with the family correct income they will keep auditing this application and changing the income back.

You also have access to the Transaction History on the Summary page for this application and when see System that is the county auditing the application.

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Report Changes as they happen # 5152

Report Changes as they happen

Changes should be reported within 30 days. Here’s instructions.  If you’ve appointed us – instructions – as your broker, no extra charge, we can do it for you. 

Covered CA – Countable Income 

Video Importance of Reporting Changes – Covered CA Video


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Denial of benefits and possible criminal charges if you don’t report changes in income!  

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Steve Shorr – Covered CA Certified Agent –
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  1. 000 Error corrected per agent email

    You may also be aware that our Covered California online application system generated an error message in many instances when 1) submitting a new application with a qualifying life event or 2) processing a renewal. The error has been resolved and the renewal process should be much smoother. We have confirmed with the Agent Service Center and the CEC/PBE Help Desk that they have not received any calls indicating the error. Please continue to help consumers renew their health care coverage and complete special enrollment applications.

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