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While the Covered CA website had been working pretty well for a while, the enrollment and status portion has been down for almost a week, with NO relief in site.  LA Times 2.23.2014 I feel insulted that Covered CA’s solution is more advertising or to hire and train clerks. Covered CA Press Releases   There are over 8,000 Certified Agents, with years of experience, education, background checks, licensing and malpractice insurance,  that can help you at no additional charge.   Does Covered CA or the Presidents announcements mention that?

So, on this page, we are documenting all the “fixes”

that Covered CA, the Insurance Companies, State and Federal Regulations to remedy the problems.  Please read the entire page and comments to see if there is an alleged solution to your problem.  We are getting so many “updates” that it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Blue Shield  (Instructions

Blue Cross,

Health  Net   

(Welcome Page 

Get my ID #clarification of deadline dates for 1.1 and 2.1 effective dates) websites and 1st class mail (use certified?) to pay your premium and NEW  Covered CA Instructions where  you can pay the premium ONLINE with your Application #.  The deadline has been extended to the 15th (LA Times 1.4.2013) *  Anthem extended to 31st and Kaiser to 22nd per Sacramento Bee 1.14.2014 *  PCIP plan extended to 3.31.2014 so did Health Net.

Will my coverage with Covered CA REALLY be effective 1.1.2014???

In summary, YES!!!  The Insurance Companies are URGED to do so.  See also provider lists.  There is also a provision to extend PCIP another month.

Will I get my ID card or at least a policy number that my MD or Pharmacy can confirm?

MAYBE!!!   LA Times 1.10.2014 Glitches Mount  Covered CA Memo 1.5.2014 stating you can get coverage 1.1.2014 even if you haven’t paid yet, but provider might make you sign a promise to pay.  Pharmacy agreement to provide 30 days of your Rx.

Need to Vent or see if there are any “secret hints” that other consumers are finding – check Covered CA’s Facebook page and our comments section below.  I was kicked off though for criticizing them and/or linking to the full detailed answer on my website.

Wall Street Journal 12.23.2013 Peter Lee – Director  [Customers should] make a good-faith effort to sign up by the end of Monday if they want coverage Jan. 1, but he said Covered California “will help people get to the finish line” if they start Monday and run into hurdles.   CC’s FAQ’s on payment deadline  More FAQ’s  12.24.2013 Bulletin 12.27.2013 Agent Procedures – Job Aid for 1.1.2014 effective date.  InsureMeKevin.com

View our page on the REFUSAL of Covered CA to process applications faxed to them.  I’m having trouble setting “anchor text” so read the 1st paragraph and then scroll down to the bottom to read further.

Washington Post 12.19.2013  – Mandate does not apply to those whose policies were cancelled.  Sebillus Letter  HHS Guidance

Select Steve Shorr Insurance as your agent, no additional charge.

If you want individual  help with Covered CA, you MUST first appoint us as your authorized CIA – Certified Insurance Agent.  Instructions See “Find Help Near You” in the upper right hand corner, after you log in.  Federal & State Proclamations on importance of licensed agents.

I don’t know – is the best answer available.  (DaveFluker.Blog Jan 3rd)

Excerpt of Agent Portal. Just about ALL our clients, who are simply rolling over from pre ACA plans to Metal Level plans, are showing no premium due, late and if their Pharmacy calls, cannot confirm coverage!

Excerpt from Blue Shield Agent Bulletin:
Auto Pay
You may have noticed that some of your clients enrolled in AutoPay were showing as delinquent for their January premium/dues. Due to a system error, some members’ bank accounts were not drafted at the beginning of the month as normally scheduled. We are aware of the issue, and will draft their account no later than January 17. Please note that their access to benefits is not impacted by this delay.

We appreciate you and your clients’ patience at this time, and thank you for helping our mutual customers through this difficult period.

8. What will happen after I apply for Medi-Cal health coverage?

You will receive a letter within 45 days to tell you which program you and your family members qualify for. If you don’t hear from us, please call us at 1-800-300-1506 (TTY: 1-888-889-4500). (FAQ’s DHCS.Gov)

The caller will need to click on the link “Member Registration”  and the webpage will ask them what their name, DOB and last four digits of their SS# are.  Once that is entered, if their application is done processing by CC and forwarded onto BlueShield system, their information and ability to make their first binder payment will pull up.  If their application has not been processed by CC and forwarded to BSC yet, it will produce no results and the caller will need to wait and keep checking the website. Or the number to call is 855-836-9705 but wait times are also long. Better to try online first.

test to see if change log working

Tried to submit a new online application, but the site crashed. 2.24.2014 11 AM

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SNAFU - Situation Normal - All Fouled Up

I learned the word SNAFU  Situation Normal, All Fouled Up  in the dorm, when I attended San Diego State in the early 70's and earned a degree in Insurance.  In all that time, I've never been able to use the word in a sentence, until last 10.1.2013, when Covered CA.com, Health Care.Gov nor the Insurance Company Websites or my own Quote Engine that I pay around $250/month for were supposed to launch, but did not do it properly.

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75 comments on “Pay the bill? ID Card or Policy # ? SNAFU


    LA Times – 15,000 people have to re-enter data http://www.latimes.com/business/healthcare/la-fi-mo-malfunction-redo-covered-california-apps-20140228,0,776641.story#ixzz2utwvCh4p

    Enrollment Data to Be Restored; Consumers Who Partially Completed or Updated Applications Need to Resubmit Information
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Covered California™ is currently restoring data from applications completed during a software malfunction occurring Feb. 17 through Feb. 19.

    Covered California is also calling on consumers who started or updated incomplete applications during this period to resubmit their information.
    Covered California will reach out to consumers as needed if they enrolled in a Covered California health insurance plan, partially completed an application or submitted updates during this timeframe to advise them of the status of their application and offer them assistance. No personal data were compromised during the software problem or the outage.
    The software error resulted in Covered California taking its online enrollment portal offline for several days. Online enrollment is now fully operational. However, some data submitted by consumers during the affected time frame need to be recovered and checked for accuracy.
    “We regret any inconvenience this has caused,” said Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee. “Our enrollment website has been up and running this week, and we look forward to helping consumers get the health coverage they want and deserve.”
    Consumers and their Certified Enrollment Counselors or Certified Insurance Agents who submitted information between Feb. 17 and Feb. 19 have options available to them, depending on whether they completed the online enrollment process, started an application or made updates to existing applications. Specific steps for consumers are outlined in the related fact sheet “Understanding Implications of Covered California Data Recovery,” which will provide information for consumers, county eligibility workers, Certified Insurance Agents and Certified Enrollment Counselors.
    During the process of data recovery, information submitted between Feb. 17 and Feb. 19 may not be viewable. This includes completed applications, plan selections, partially completed applications and updates to existing applications.
    About 6,500 consumers who completed their applications and selected plans are affected, but no action by these consumers is needed. Their applications and plan selections are being processed by the health insurance plans selected, and the information will be fully restored by Covered California. These consumers must make their payment by their health insurance plan’s deadline for April 1 coverage.
    Another 14,500 consumers who partially completed their applications or submitted updates to existing applications within the time frame are affected. These consumers should either start a new application or resubmit any updates they made to an existing application. These consumers will be contacted by Covered California staff to restore their information and to complete their enrollment by March 15 for April 1 coverage.
    An additional 16,000 consumers completed their applications and were determined to be likely eligible for Medi-Cal. Their applications are being processed by the county in which they are eligible, and that information is being fully restored by Covered California. Consumers’ applications may not be visible on CoveredCA.com until the restoration is complete. There is no action needed from these consumers, but if they have questions they should call their county human services agency.
    The affected consumers visited Covered California’s online enrollment website between 1 a.m. Monday, Feb. 17, and 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19. Consumers — including those qualifying for Medi-Cal coverage — who have completed an application or updated information prior to or after that isolated time frame are not affected. Paper applications were not affected by the online enrollment malfunctions.
    The enrollment portal was offline from 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, to about 4 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24, for repairs. Covered California technical engineers found the cause of the system issues to be a software malfunction during a planned maintenance outage the prior weekend.
    Covered California’s Service Center representatives can assist consumers, and free and confidential local enrollment assistance is available. To find assistance near you, visit http://www.CoveredCA.com and select “Find Local Help.”

  2. Excerpt of 2.22.2014 Blue Cross email

    The initial payment for On Exchange applications can be completed through the following website:

    shop dot anthem.com/sales/eox/payment/direct/landing/CA

    On the website, enter all required fields, including the Exchange ID and Exchange Premium Amount fields, and complete the payment using a credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) or electronic check.

    A check payment can also be sent to:


    P.O. Box 9041

    Oxnard, CA 93031-9041

    When sending the payment by mail, please include the letter requesting the initial payment or include a note with the following information:

    · Exchange ID

    · Each applicant’s full name

    · Each applicant’s date of birth

    · Primary applicant’s SSN (optional)

  3. Blue Shield 2.13.2014

    The rollout of the Affordable Care Act has had a tremendous impact on all of us, making this year’s enrollment effort more challenging than any that the industry – and Blue Shield – have ever experienced. .

    We want you to know that we are deeply sorry for the problems this situation is causing, and that fixing these issues is our #1 priority.

    Service issues

    The majority of service issues we are experiencing are either directly or indirectly related to the high volume of activity we are processing this year. To address these issues, we’ve taken a number of steps like bringing in service experts to help us identify and fix problems quickly, and adding staff in areas such as service lines and enrollment processing.

    Importantly, we will also be reaching out to our Individual Family Plan and Small Business customers to apologize for the issues they may be experiencing, letting them know we take full responsibility and are working diligently to fix these service challenges. We need to shoulder the burden that some of you are carrying in dealing with these issues.

    While we have made some progress, there is much work to be done and it is going to be a while before we return to normal service levels. Our commitment to you is to do everything we can to fix the issues quickly and continue to share what we know. We care deeply about our relationship with you and our mutual customers, and we will make this right.

  4. FEBRUARY 13, 2014

    Exchange Enrollment Cancellation and Options for Consumers Who Missed Deadline for Binder Payment

    Western Region Individual & Family Plans

    Now that January 31, 2014 has passed, Health Net is required to cancel enrollment of consumers who had January 1, 2014 effective date and did not make their initial premium payment after enrolling through Covered California,. The short, friendly letter mailing on February 13, 2014, encourages consumers to re-enroll before March 31, 2014.

    Even with a month-long payment extension and multiple outreach efforts, there are consumers who enrolled in a Health Net health plan through one of the new marketplaces but did not make their initial premium payment. Now we have to cancel their enrollment, and provide the termination report to the specific marketplace.

    Still, our priority remains helping all consumers connect with affordable health coverage. So the letter we are sending encourages these consumers to re-enroll, and creates urgency by reminding them they have until March 31, 2014. We are providing the phone number and email address of the relevant marketplace (for example, Covered California for California consumers).

    Health Net is also encouraging consumers to contact their broker if they work with one. Those who do not have a broker are invited to call us for help in looking at their choices and re-enrolling.

    Consumers who call our Customer Contact Center will receive the same information and encouragement to re-enroll.

    Related reading: Premium Payment Extension!

  5. Unbelievable… just gross incompetence on their part. How does this happen? Why does your information show me as paid?

    ***My information said paid, but ZERO premium.

    February 13, 2014
    Inquiry Number: xxx
    Dear xxx,

    Thank you for your inquiry about your premium/dues. I hope this
    information answers your questions.

    Due to a system error, there was a delay in processing the automatic payments. Additionally, due to the conversion of your policy as January 1, 2014, your automatic payment account information was not carried over to your new plan. You currently have an outstanding balance due of $1,138.08 to cover the period of January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014.
    Please contact Customer Service at (888) 256-3650 to make your payment and re-establish your automatic payments.

    Additionally, if you are unable to access your plan information online, you will need to contact our Technical Support Department at (877) 932-3375 to reset your login information under your new plan.

    We truly apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

    If you have additional questions pertaining to this inquiry, return to http://www.blueshieldca.com and use the “Contact Us” link to submit a new web inquiry. Please include the above inquiry number in your request.

    Please do not reply to this email as replies to our responses are not monitored.


    Kari S.
    The Blue Shield Customer Service Team


    We respect your right to privacy and support regulations that help protect you. You can access this information at:


    Subject: Question About Premium/Dues
    Date and time: 2014/01/14 03:18:00 PM PST

    Subscriber ID: xxx
    Member Type: Subscriber/Insured
    E-mail: xxxx

    Billing Period: January 2014
    Your Question: I received a notice that I would be rolled over from my previous plan into a Platinum PPO plan. No payment has been drawn from my account and I am unable to access any sign-up information, or pay the premium via any of the websites published or phone numbers given to my
    by you or my insurance agent. My agent has been continually trying to remedy the situation with no progress. WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE ADVISE. I am already out over $1000 in medication costs because of this administrative issue! HELP!


  6. Blue Cross Paper Checks for Payment

    Important note:

    application ID, which can be found on the letter you will receive.

    The application ID is located on the top left hand side of the letter, underneath Applicant Name.

    mailing in a PAPER CHECK, include a copy of their letter with their check and to write the Application ID on the check or money order. mail it to:

    Anthem Blue Cross
    P.O. Box 9041
    Oxnard, CA 93031-9041

  7. Blue Shield Current member [not Covered CA] can call 888-256-3650 or mail payment to

    BlueShield of California
    PO BOX 60514
    City of Industry

    Or Overnight to:

    3021 Reynolds Ranch Parkway
    Lodi CA 95240

  8. Covered CA Agent Bulletin 2.4.2014 – FINALLY!!!

    1. My client called their health plan for information, but the wait time is too long and they cannot get through.

    We apologize for the long wait times. Every health plan has a website that may help with some of your client’s questions. A list of health plans and their websites can be found at this link. https://www.coveredca.com/FAQs/PDFs/Application_Status_FAQ.pdf

    2. I called my client’s health plan and they have no record of their enrollment.

    Covered California health plans have received a very high volume of new members. It may take time for the health plans to process all the new members. If your client needs to see a doctor before they receive their health insurance card, direct them to the the “How do I use my coverage starting Jan 1” document found here. https://www.coveredca.com/FAQs/PDFs/Using_Coverage_Starting_January1_FAQ_rev_01.08.2013.pdf

    3. My client enrolled in a Covered California plan, but it was cancelled and they were given a new account number. What happened?

    Covered California is working with our health plan partners to correct this issue. Your client does not need to do anything. If your client has more than one account, the accounts will be combined and they will receive a new welcome packet in the mail. If your client submitted their application and paid their premium by the deadline, they can begin using their health coverage now.

    4. My client was charged a different premium cost than what Covered California estimated. What can I do?

    This was a problem for a short time and only with certain health plans. Health plans are now going back to fix these errors. If this problem is not fixed by your client’s second month of coverage, please have them contact Covered California at 1 (800) 300-1506.

    5. How can I check the status of an application that has been submitted?

    You may check the status of an application in one of three ways:

    1) Pull it up online by logging into your agent portal through http://www.coveredca.com; click the “Summary” button to view your application summary page. On this page, you can view your eligibility and plan enrollment by individual or SHOP employee and dependent. If you do not see a health insurance plan or program listed with a plan enrollment date, then you still need to pick your health insurance plan.

    2) By sending an email to xxxx with the CASE Name, and CASE ID number. If you are an agent submitting on behalf of a consumer, please indicate your full name and license number

    3) If you need to know the status of an application sooner, please contact the Covered California Customer Service Center at 1(800) 300-1506, or for the status of SHOP applications, contact the SHOP Customer Service Center at 1 (877) 453-9198.

    6. How can my client pay their premium?

    Please see the “How to Pay” page at this link.

    7. Where can my client reset their username or password?

    For now, your client can call the Covered California Customer Service Center at 1 (800) 300-1506 for help resetting usernames and passwords. We are working to fix this issue so that individuals can reset them independently.
    8. I can’t get into my agent portal on CoveredCA.com, how can I reset my password?

    If you are unable to login to your agent portal please email xxxx, or call the Agent & SHOP Service Center (877) 453-9198
    9. My electronic pin is invalid. Who do I contact to get it reset?

    To have your electronic pin reset, you must contact the Agent & SHOP Service Center xxxx. A Service Center representative will verify your personal identifying information, and then make a warm call transfer to a representative who will reset your password. Due to security reasons, this is the protocol for resetting a pin.

  9. Blue Shield Bulletin 2.4.2014

    …, we know you are not experiencing the level of service you deserve. We are very sorry and thank you for your continued patience …

    We are working closely with Covered California to process applications and payments, facilitate access to care, …


    Extended binder payment deadline – Covered California
    The new deadline for submitting payment for February coverage is February 14, 2014, for individuals who applied for coverage through Covered California. Your clients must have submitted their application by January 15 to be eligible for a February 1, 2014, effective date and their payment must be received by 5 p.m. on February 14, 2014.

    Access to care
    To ensure new members have access to healthcare services, members can either use their current ID card or call our eligibility support line between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, at (888) 256-3650 (off exchange) or (855) 836-9705 (on exchange) if they have either:
    • A medical treatment scheduled prior to the receipt of their ID card; or
    • An urgent situation and need to know where to access care
    They should share this phone number with their healthcare provider to use until their new ID card arrives. We can verify eligibility and provide their healthcare provider with their coverage information.

    • We’ve reduced hold times for many customers by tripling staff and adding capacity.
    • More staff has helped us reduce the backlog of new and renewing business by as much as 40%.
    • Our website is better equipped to handle significant volumes – and we’re responding to same-day online posts within 60 minutes.
    • We’re improving accuracy in enrollment and benefits by strengthening our audit process.
    • We are providing some helpful information your clients may need to know.
    • Finally – and most important – we are working directly with providers and patients to facilitate continuity of care.
    We recognize the need to work diligently to earn and keep your trust. We apologize for the inconveniences we have caused. Please know we are working diligently to improve our service levels every day.

  10. Health Net extends deadline to pay to 15th of the month that one needs it to be effective

    Health Net changes initial premium payment deadline to the 15th of the effective month – February through May – for all consumers enrolling via Covered California,

    Health Net is extending the initial premium payment deadline for all members enrolling through the new marketplaces for February through May effective dates.

    Payment Extension Facts

    •The 15th of each effective month – for February through May – is the deadline for the initial premium payment – or “binder” payment. For example, a consumer who enrolls for a March 1 effective date has until March 15, 2014, to pay.

    •The payment deadline applies to consumers who enroll in a Health Net health plan through Covered California, It does not apply to consumers enrolling off-exchange.
    •The Exchanges require us to cancel enrollment for any consumer who does not pay the initial premium by the payment deadline.
    •Consumers who are canceled will need to re-apply through the marketplaces. The last day to apply for coverage in 2014 is March 31, 2014 for a May 1, 2014 effective date.

    Ways to Pay

    Health Net’s Simple Pay Form.

    We also have our automated payment system. Open 24/7, your clients can pay by check, debit card, prepaid debit card or credit card with our automated payment system. They will need two pieces of information to use the system:

    ◦Bank account, debit, prepaid debit or credit card number.
    ◦Subscriber ID number. If they don’t have it, they can look it up at http://www.healthnet.com/getmyid.

    When they have all their information, they call 1-800-539-4193 and follow the prompts to pay their premium. enter only the numbers that follow the R. Include the 0s. Do not include the letter R.


  11. LA Times 1.30.2014

    many of Anthem’s new customers in California and other states have expressed frustration at the company for dismal customer service. They have had trouble getting confirmation of coverage or identification cards so they can get prescriptions filled or see a doctor.

    the volume of applications has been higher than expected but that company employees “are working diligently to assist members during this time. We appreciate their patience.”

    WellPoint said bills have been processed and insurance cards sent out for the “vast majority” of people who signed up for Jan. 1 coverage.


  12. Response By Email (Barbara) (01/13/2014 11:57 AM)
    Hello Mr. Shorr:

    Thank you for contacting Covered California. If the consumer would like to change the plan, Ms. xxxxx can call the individual line at 888-975-1142 and they can make the plan change.

    Otherwise, the only way an agent can choose a different plan is the current application would need to be terminated and a new one with the new plan submitted.

    You would need to choose “Terminate Participation” under actions once you have selected the applicants name.

    You would then need to submit a new application with the new plan which would change the effective date to 2/1/14 if submitted by 1/15 or 3/1 if submitted between 1/16-1/31.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Speck

  13. Hi Steve……hope all is well. Sorry to keep bugging you, but could you please followup with Anthem re: coverage? I’ve got an Rx to refill which will cost me $90 out-of-pocket w/o insurance. Thanks!

    I’ve been placed on perpetual hold for >one hour and never gotten an answer, and have tried at least 2x per day. They cashed my premium check, so I should have something!


    ***I will check. See the link above about Pharmacies honoring Covered CA pending applications…https://www.healthnet.com/portal/member/content/iwc/home/articles/aca_pharmacy.action

  14. Well some good news amid a lot of frustration. After 40 days since paying and 30 since receiving confirmation of coverage, I was finally able to get prescription coverage, but it was not easy. First, I called last week and Blue shield told me I could take my letter with case number to a pharmacy to get prescriptions. Pharmacy said no way, but did tell me what I needed: BIN#, PCN#, ID# and Group #. I called Blue Shield multiple times and kept getting disconnected after going the menu. Finally got through to a woman who told me my ID# and that all I had to do was go to their website, enter my ID and birthdate, and print ID cards. Fortunately I had her wait while I tried it, and that failed. Then she tried it and it failed for her as well. So… (and here’s the nugget) I asked if she could just give me the info for the pharmacy (BIN, PCN, ID, group). After a few minutes on hold she did! I thanked her, phoned the pharmacy, they entered it, and my prescriptions were covered.

  15. Health Net Bulletin

    Individual and Small Business Group Billing
    So far in 2014, our premium billing has not been as smooth or as error-free as we would like for some of our clients. Health Net has identified the issues and is taking steps to ensure that the resolution is in place within the next few billing cycles. During this time your clients’ bills may reflect adjustments to correct any prior-month billing errors.

  16. Covered CA Facebook Page….

    Brennan King Cane …Anyway, I repeat, if you are getting invoices from Blue Shield, they have your application and the problem is with them, not Covered California. If you are saying you got one thing and your wife got something different, the problem could be with both. If you have a problem, you need to know where to focus in order to fix it, that’s all I’m saying. ..

    January 18 at 6:45pm

    Covered California Hi Vahe, Brennan is correct. If you have already received an invoice, then you are in their system. Some health plans are taking longer than others to process payments and issue ID cards. If you have any questions, please contact your health plan directly.

    January 21 at 11:19am


  17. Hi Steve,

    I keep trying to pay online and via phone with a credit card. I received a call from Blue Shield saying that the date was extended. It offered me a rep to pay by pressing #1. I did and was told the system was down and that she couldn’t process it. She said I should keep trying by phone and online.

    It’s due in 2 days for a 2/1 start. How would a check possibly get processed in time and a card sent showing I was covered in a timely way.

    Again, I am not comfortable with sending a check. I want an immediate confirmation of my payment with a credit card for my protection.

    Please see what is suggested for this to happen.

    ***Sorry, I don’t have a suggestion. All new bulletins are on this page and you might also check CC Facebook, Website or Blue Shields. If you see anything new, let me know and I can inform my clients and the public.

    I’ve already suggested mailing the check by certified mail.

  18. 90 Day Verification Letters?

    Maureen O’Brien So — Can we all ignore those 90 day verification letters we got????!

    January 24 at 2:38pm

    Covered California Maureen, If you received a letter and have already submitted your income verification, you should be able to ignore the letter.

    January 24 at 3:08pm

    Maureen O’Brien Covered California — I am still confused. I “submitted my income verification” via uploaded tax return from 2012 at the time I applied on the CC website back in December…which is when CC approved me. SO — CAN I STILL IGNORE THAT LETTER that I just got last week??????

    January 24 at 3:25pm · Edited

    Covered California Maureen, If you have already uploaded your income verification and your application shows that, you can ignore the letter.

    January 24 at 3:35pm

    Maureen O’Brien Covered California — I have NO idea if “my application shows that”!!!!!!! I can’t gain access to that on your website. All I know is that you approved me enough for me to get my Discounted Silver I.D. Card from Blue Shield last week along with their welcome packet. SO — can I still IGNORE THAT 90-Day LETTER you sent me last weeek??????

    January 24 at 4:06pm · Edited
    Covered California We’re sorry, Maureen,but we’re unable to look at your individual account here on Facebook and we can’t confirm for you whether your documentation has been provided. If you can’t access your account, you’ll need to call our Service Center at (800) 300-1506.

    January 24 at 5:28pm

  19. I got a notice today the my initial plan was canceled effective 1/1/2014 instead of 1/31/14 as you requested.

    I called (I’m on hold right now to check status of new policy). I got a recording saying my next payment is $900+ which wouldn’t be taking into consideration my subsidy.

    ***It’s my understanding that Covered CA hasn’t figured out a way to pay the subsidy to the Insurance Companies.

    If anyone has a citation for this, please leave a reply, including URL

    I’m not sure how long I’ll be on hold, but if I find out anything else before you can I’ll let you know.

  20. My concern is Anthem and my coverage from Jan.1 to whenever Medi-cal kicks in. I still have not gotten anything from them. Am I enrolled?

    I need to be able to order medications.

    Also, I just got a bill from Health Net (my previous carrier till Dec.31) for $4,500 from my emergency room visit on Jan.4. I’d like to be able call them up and tell them to send the bill to Anthem. Can you check with Anthem about my status?

    ***I will check

  21. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for following up on this. FYI…logged into Covered CA tonight and it still shows 2.01.14 as the effective date. It will never get changed…but thanks for trying.

    Warm regards,

    ***I’ll email you directly and see where we ought to go with this

  22. January 23, 2014

    Dear Steve:

    I need your help. Today, I received a letter from Dawn Baird (Anthem Blue Cross VP Individual Services). She is notifying me of a special open enrollment period for me, who is listed as my child. The letter is addressed to me. The listed child is me, also, with my birth date.

    Steve, I have no child and my health insurance application specified that the policy is for me, only. Dawn’s letter provided a fax number and a mailing address for enrollment requests but nothing that would address the gross error.

    Please help with this matter. I do not want this error to continue.

    I thank you.

    ***I will email Broker Support at Blue Cross and get this resolved… With a cc to CC if necessary.

  23. JANUARY 23, 2014

    Health Net today received initial notification from Covered California of approximately 6,000 consumers who applied for a Health Net health plan with a January 1 or February 1 effective date. This late file represents about 3,400 subscribers.

    Our goal is to make sure everyone who signed up for a Health Net plan has coverage on the date they chose.

    Here is what we’re doing:

    • Welcome calls and emails to subscribers who applied directly through Covered California.
    • [Having Brokers Contact clients]
    • Mailing Notice of Acceptance letters. The letters will go out in the next day or so. [Members] can ignore the payment step if they’ve already paid, and to definitely ignore the January 15, 2014, deadline on the letter.

    Health Net’s Simple Pay Form.

    automated payment system, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    clients can pay by check, debit card, prepaid debit card or credit card this way.

    The number is 1-800-539-4193. Callers simply follow the prompts to make their payment. When entering the Subscriber ID number, enter only the numbers that follow the R. If clients don’t have their number, they can get it at http://www.healthnet.com/getmyid.

    Call Steve Shorr 310.519.1335 or email for more details

  24. Dear Steve,

    good news from me but with some confusion.

    1) I got my card from Blue Shield and the Id number
    ***That’s great
    2) I received though a letter that says that I have to verify my eligibility sending IRS statement, green card etc etc..
    I am sure that it is a confusion where the right harm does not know what the left is doing but I want to be sure that it is OK.
    ***Right we already uploaded that information. Let’s give it a month and check on it. CC gives you 90 days

    They took the $217 from my bank but they sent me a statement for the $800. Is it customary?

    ***I’ve heard in the “wind” that CC does not have a way yet to send the subsidy amounts to the insurance companies, so for now, it’s fine

    Please . when you have time, can you reassure me?

    ***I will email you directly. Call me Monday to talk on the phone

    Thank you


  25. PROGRESS with Blue Shield

    Great News!

    Effective date 01/01/14
    Your Id # XEKxxxxx
    Basic PPO for HSA

    You can now register on BlueShield main website under Member Services to print out temp Id cards until they arrive in the mail.

    Thank you,

    Broker IFP Sales Specialist
    blue of california

  26. Reading all these comments makes me realize I am not alone in this debacle! Thanks for your help, Steve and letting me vent….and I will just sit tight until I hear differently from you…..

  27. Blue Shield 1.20.2014 Agent Email

    If you have not received your ID cards by now, you’ll need to call member services at 888-256-3650 to see if an ID number has been generated, if not, they will start a case to get you a temp ID number in the meantime since you need access to care.

    Thank you,

    Broker IFP Sales Specialist

  28. JANUARY 9, 2014

    Health Net California IFP Plans
    Important information for you and your IFP clients

    We have some important updates to share regarding Affordable Care Act, Covered CA plans.

    Premium Payment Update

    Those who enrolled should have received a Health Net Notice of Acceptance letter verifying the information we received from the exchange and requesting their initial premium payment. It is essential that your customers take action now to make their premium payment to have their health insurance effective and available to use.
    • For those with 1/1/14 effective coverage dates, payment must be received by Health Net no later than January 15, 2014.
    • For those with 2/1/14 effective coverage dates, payment must be received by January 28, 2014.

    Payment can be made quickly and securely:
    • Via the Health Net Automated Payment system by calling 1-877-200-9260. Payments can be made by check, prepaid debit card, general purpose debit card or credit card.
    o In order to make payment, customers must have their Health Net Subscriber Number (R#) that is provided in the Notice of Acceptance letter.
    o If the customer does not have a Notice of Acceptance letter, he/she can obtain his/her Subscriber number by visiting http://www.healthnet.com/getmyid.
    o When entering the Subscriber ID number to make payment, your customers should only enter the numbers including the 0’s that follow the letter R. Do not include the letter R.
    • Via mail to the address below. When submitting payment, it’s important that the customer include his/her enrollee’s Subscriber ID and Group ID number as contained on the Notice of Acceptance letter.
    Health Net
    PO Box 60515
    City of Industry, CA 91716-0515

    [See above comment about using certified mail and tracking]

    Note on Primary Care Physician (PCP) Selection: As a convenience to our customers, once they make the initial premium payment, Health Net will automatically assign a Primary Care Physician (PCP) close to where they live. The Health Net identification card, with the member’s assigned PCP, will be sent within 2-3 days of making the initial payment. If the customer wants to change his/her PCP, it can be done quickly and easily through Health Net’s website at http://www.healthnet.com.

    Pharmacy Benefits Available
    For those seeking Pharmacy services who have not received their Health Net ID Card, Walgreens, Walmart, RiteAid, CVS and Krogers may be able to help. These pharmacies announced that they will be helping those individuals who enrolled through the health insurance marketplace during the month of January as we all work together to resolve enrollment issues.

    Individuals will need to bring their prescription if it is not on record, along with the current benefit information they received from the health insurance marketplace. Walgreens, Walmart, RiteAid, CVS and Krogers will work directly with Health Net to confirm benefit eligibility. Additional information can be found at our website: http://www.healthnet.com.

    Health Net Individual and Group Plans

  29. Just an FYI, BC processed my on line payment yesterday…..so I have proof that I have paid them twice…….however, when I log on to the payment portal from your website, it still shows I owe….. the online payment was a direct debit to our account.

    A little better than yesterday, but still frustrated..and at least I have insurance for 90 days—as per the letter……assuming that BC eventually realizes that I have already paid them……..


  30. Preventative Health!!!

    Once you FINALLY get your coverage in place, the Insurance Companies are MANDATED to see that you use your preventative health benefits!!! If there is a problem, I don’t know how they will do it, but there is a mandate to see that you get on a program to maintain your health.

    That is the point of why the Government thinks coverage for everyone will save $$$. Do preventative and we won’t have to pay for expensive stuff.

    I’ve been involved in 12 step for 3 years, longer if you count the time I was just taking up space.

    The only thing keeping me sane and not going crazy with all the “hype” from the government and being told that I’m not allowed to correct misinformation from the SBA when sponsored by a “well-respected” Congress Woman http://healthreformquotes.com/myths-from-official-government-and-respected-sources/

    Is the Serenity Prayer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serenity_Prayer

    The problems coming at me from site visitors and my clients are pervasive throughout CA and the nation. I tried complaining and only got my campaign donation back and was kicked off the Covered CA Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CoveredCA

    Where the public is making 100x the complaints I ever could even dream up.

    I’ve been kicked off friends facebook pages too, as they were upset that I asked if they really had ID cards and paid their $31 bill for Silver 94 coverage.

    So, you can vent here too.

  31. Hi Steve,

    I am still unable to get online using my id # or get through to Blue Shield on the phone. No payment has been made since I cannot reach them. What a hassle this is for sure. I have been trying to call when I have time but the wait is so long.



  32. 1.22.2013 LA Times

    About 1 million Californians had their previous health coverage canceled at year-end because it didn’t comply fully with the requirements of the healthcare law. Essential Benefits http://healthreformquotes.com/individual-and-family-home/ab-639-all-plans-sold-must-meet-metal-levels/10-essential-benefits/

    enrollment has jumped to more than 625,000, according to the exchange. [so what happened to the other 400,000 that were cancelled? Did they get plans outside of Covered CA?]

    Many customers say they have paid for January coverage, but they haven’t been able to use it yet because of problems with their insurance company. Calls seeking help often go unanswered, according to customers.

    Insurers have apologized for the poor service amid a crush of new business.


  33. Blue Cross 1.23.2014 agent email on how to pay premium.

    If the member clicks on the bar that says “PAY NOW” that will take them to a payment screen.

    Off Exchange initial payment link

    The initial payment for On Exchange applications can be completed through the following website:

    On the website, enter all required fields, including the Exchange ID and Exchange Premium Amount fields, and complete the payment using a credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) or electronic check.

    A check payment can also be sent to:

    P.O. Box 9041
    Oxnard, CA 93031-9041

    When sending the payment by mail, please include the letter requesting the initial payment or include a note with the following information:
    • Exchange ID
    • Each applicant’s full name
    • Each applicant’s date of birth
    • Primary applicant’s SSN (optional)

    Thank you,

    Anthem Blue Cross
    Agency Service Representative

    If you are concerned…. send your check certified mail, without a return receipt. You can track it at https://www.usps.com/

  34. Hi Steve,

    I sent my check for $682.92 to Anthem Blue Cross on
    on Jan 11 (10 days ago !) with a letter to the address you gave me (PO Box 9051, Oxnard) with info you sent about the plan. The check has still not cleared..

    When are they going to cash my check? ( I did make a mistake on the subscriber number in the letter – I wrote 443… rather than 442…
    However, the info attached to it shows the correct subscriber number so they should know where to apply the check.)

    Right afterwards, I was sent the first bill, received on Jan 14. It said my payment was late (!) and that they wanted me to pay the premium for 2 months. (total =1365.84). Since I was not sure they received the earlier check, yesterday I sent the full amount $1365.84 in another check with the bill. I was concerned that they will cancel my plan if they don’t get something by Jan 31.

    So, now I’ve sent $682.92 + $1365.84 to Anthem. (!) I hope
    they apply it to January, February and March.

    I sent the first check to PO Box 9051 Oxnard, as you told me to.
    The bill had a different address, PO Box 51011 in Los Angeles.
    I am worried now that the first check got lost by Blue Cross.
    Please let me know if you find any info about where the first check is.

    Thanks for your help.


  35. Problems never end….

    Hello Steve……….so here is the latest, and I think I need your help………..

    1) I received my ID card from BC—nothing else, just the card, but I am OK with that. I am able to download docs from their website……
    2) They finally deposited my check, which I have attached to this email. I do not know what has happened with my payment from the web (remember I paid twice) I am attaching the payment confirmation from the web payment.
    3) I received a statement yesterday showing that I still owe them the premium amount. What should I do now? Return the payment coupon with a copy of the cancelled check and the proof of web payment?
    4) Today, I received a letter from CC saying that they are unable to verify any of the info I have uploaded and want me to provide additional information—everything I have already done. I have attached a copy of that letter. When I tried to call the CC Service Center, I got a message that said they were too busy to talk, to check on line for info, and then promptly hung up……Should I try the appeal process that they mentioned in the letter…….I don’t know what to do now……It just should not be this difficult to get insurance………

    I am so frustrated I could just cry right now……BTW, the CC letter is slightly out of order, but it is only 3 pages and I am sure you will have already figured it out…….I just don’t want to lose what I just got or have to go through the whole application process again……Only to have them lose more of my payments or my application altogether!

    Please tell me what to do……..

    Thanks, Bec-

    Below is a copy from the CC website of everything I have uploaded……what more do they want? Can you tell me what I am missing?

  36. Here’s a Covered CA with Blue Shield, that’s working out. However, she doesn’t show in BS agent portal, but does in CC Agent Portal.

    Hi Steve, yes. I used my card for a script at Rite Aid , so far no problems.

    Thank’s, Joni
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Steve Shorr
    Sent: Wed, Jan 22, 2014 9:31 am
    Subject: Put to bed?
    So, do we have everything completed and put to bed?

    Sent: Monday, January 13, 2014 11:17 PM

    Hi Steve, I received my welcome packet and insurance cards today. Hope all is well with you, xxx

  37. Hi Steve,

    I received this on 1/14 but never received any more information although they withdrew the money from my checking account.


    ***I will send an email to agent support and see what I can get accomplished for you.
    Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 09:02:30 -0500
    Subject: Your Health Insurance Application Payment Reference Id : xxxx

    Thank you for choosing Anthem Blue Cross for your health coverage needs. This email is an acknowledgement that your initial payment has been submitted.

    You will soon be receiving confirmation of your enrollment and effective date as well as information about how to register for our secure member website. This web site provides access to your benefit summaries, claims history and many useful tools to help you manage your health. We look forward to the opportunity to service your health coverage needs. If you have questions or need additional information, please call 1-888-553-5423, Mon-Thur. 7:30am – 6:30pm, Fri 7:30am – 5:30pm, Sat 10am – 2pm.

    You may want to print and save this email for your records.
    Health care service plans provided by Anthem Blue Cross. Insurance policies provided by Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company. Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association. ® ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. ® The Blue Cross name and symbol are registered marks of the Blue Cross Association.

  38. Is there a way I can subscribe to this page, so that I have the latest information on how to get my ID cards, etc?

  39. Hi Steve, I hope you’re still surviving health care reform!

    I keep trying, every couple of days, to get through to Anthem, waiting on hold for an hour and a half or so, and then losing the call.

    We still have heard nothing more about xxxx new policy, or about xxxx getting added to it.

    I just sent this message to Anthem, by logging in to xxxx Anthem account for the old plan:

    Member ID: 3xxxxx
    In December I signed up for a new Anthem Blue Cross Silver EPO plan, through Covered California. I also tried to sign up my son, xxxxx, but Covered California diverted his application to Medi-Cal. Then I received a letter from Anthem with my Anthem application number: xxxxx, and the amount due: $166.51.

    Because Medi-Cal did not process the application for my son, I asked my delegate insurance broker, Steve Shorr, to add him to my new Anthem EPO policy. I have heard nothing back about the addition of my son.

    I sent payment of $166.51 by mail to Anthem Individual Services, PO Box 9041, Oxnard CA. My bank informs me that you processed that payment on January 10, 2014, but I have received no confirmation from you. Therefore, I paid the same amount again January 21, 2014 on the Anthem website, and I have the email confirmation for that payment.

    For safety, I also paid the $215 January premium for my previously existing Anthem plan. According to my bank Anthem received that payment on December 26, 2013, but when I log into that account there is no credit for that payment, and I just received a notice of cancellation for that plan effective January 31. My $215 payment for February has also now been sent, through my bank’s billpay service, to Anthem. I am assuming that I can get credit for those payments towards my new Anthem plan once you get caught up with processing of my new policy. My son xxxxx is covered, along with me, on the existing plan.

    I have tried almost every day, since the end of December, to contact Anthem by telephone to discuss these issues. I have waited on the phone for up to two hours before being cut off, and I have never been able to reach a live person. I will appreciate your timely response to this message.

    We are still waiting to make appointments for medical services that xxxxx need. This is verging on a crisis situation.

    Just now I logged into Covered CA, to see if there is any news there. I happened to notice an alert about a message. I have attached a copy of that message, dated January 17 (???) congratulating Ruth for qualifying, but stating that documents have to be sent or uploaded (which we did in December). Yikes!


  40. Blue Shield

    Missed January 15 payment deadline – next steps

    Applicants who applied for individual or family coverage through Covered California and did not submit their payment by the January 15 deadline are no longer eligible for a January 1 effective date, but will have the opportunity to receive a February 1 effective date if:
    • We receive payment by January 28
    If payment is not received by close of business on January 28, the application for coverage will be cancelled and your client will have to submit a new application through Covered California.

    Payments can be made online at service dot healthplan.com/blueshieldca/binder.
    • No applicant has a January birthday
    If any family member included on an application has a birthday in the month of January, we cannot extend the offer to move their effective date to February 1 because doing so would change the rate of the plan they applied for. The entire application will be cancelled, and your client will need to submit a new application through Covered California.
    Affected applicants will receive a letter informing them of their options this week.

    Please note that exceptions can be made for applicants who were unable to pay by January 15 due to processing delays. If this was the reason your client was unable to pay by the January 15 deadline, and they would prefer a January 1 effective date, direct them to call Customer Service at (888) 836-9705.

  41. Agent email from Blue Shield…

    … I … want to apologize that we have not delivered on our commitment to provide the consistently high level of service that you expect and deserve.

    Our top priority is to improve the overall quality of our service delivery and I want you to know that I am personally involved in these efforts. My team and I are working diligently to address current challenges and have taken a number of steps to restore service to acceptable levels and ensure access to care. In the past few weeks we have made the following improvements:
    • Added staff to expedite group enrollments
    • Expanded our auditing process to ensure enrollment and benefit accuracy
    • Increased the bandwidth of our web sites
    • Added capacity to our customer service teams
    If any of your clients needs access to healthcare services now, they can either use their current ID card or call our eligibility support line between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (800) 303-5921 [Small Group ONLY!] if they have either:
    • A medical treatment scheduled prior to the receipt of their ID card, or
    • An urgent situation and need to know where to access care
    Your clients should share this phone number with their healthcare provider to use until their card arrives. We can verify eligibility and provide their healthcare provider with their coverage information.

    While the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements have dramatically increased our volume of calls and stressed our system, particularly for January enrollment, this does not excuse what has happened and does not represent our commitment to you.

    We value your business and recognize that we will have to work diligently to reestablish your trust. I am confident that we will deliver a better service experience for you and your clients. Thank you for your patience.


    Paul Markovich
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Blue Shield of California

  42. Hi Steve.

    Just to update you. I am at the doctors office and they said I am ineligible.

    Thanks for your help.


  43. Hi Steve,

    I called BX CA CARE today to find out about ID cards and to see if I’m covered yet. While waiting I was listening to the recited message stating ” you’ll receive ID cards 7-10 after your payments been processed”, lol And that “do to high call volume they’ll be open Martin Luther King Day” again, HaHa At the end of the recording I transferred to speak to customer service, this is what was stated, ” Please call back tomorrow, we are closed Martin Luther King Day”.
    Hopefully you’ll find this as amusing as I do.


  44. Monica,

    Thanks for your reply. I already tried the member services # but after 2 1/2 hours on hold I had to hang up. Any other suggestions to find out if an ID # has been generated? We have paid good $ but can’t access medical services.

    Many thanks,
    Robert B

  45. Steve,

    Sorry I know it must be frustrating for you, getting this from so many people. Hope we all see a silver lining soon!

    I called. Very frustrating. Wait was about 8 minutes (not bad). The guy I spoke with could not find my info in the system, asked for my SSN and name and DOB three times and also my name. I told him I had received a letter confirming coverage and asked how I can use benefits. He said the doctor or pharmacy can call to confirm coverage. I said yes, but you say I am not in the system? He said “you are probably in that system and the billing system but not the main system.” he said he does not understand why 30 days after payment I was not in there. He said it is usually 7-14 days but I pointed out it has been 30 so that seemed to motivate him to try something else.

    Then he took the case ID# from the letter and found some info. He said ID cards were mailed to me but I told him I had not received them. He said they cannot issue new ones because I am “not in the system.” He said I should wait until Friday to see if they arrive and call back if not, and hopefully I will be “in the system” by then.

    Seemed like a bit of a run around, but I do not know what else can be done unless you have some ways. I may try to use his suggestion to get a prescription filled.

    Let me know if I can help or you have suggestions.


  46. I’m supposed to go to Hawaii on a surf trip on Friday.

    I am not at all happy that I have no proof of insurance given the epic and expensive SNAFU Blue Shield has me caught in.

    I’m even considering not going just in case anything were to happen. This is ridiculous. Any advice? Next steps? Updates?

    Thanks for everything, Steve.

    J S

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