Introduction to Covered CA Rules & Procedures 

We are Covered CA (Market Place – Exchange) Certified Agents with tons of experience and education in Health Insurance.

We   suggest that the easiest, fastest and best way to enroll and get information is by using our

FREE Instant Quote Engine,

entering your expected MAGI income, line 37 1040* and getting your subsidy-tax credit  (we are mandated to advise you to put in the correct information) and you will see the calculation including your percent of Federal Poverty Level.

Please note that subsidies-tax credits  are a tax code  – Tax Forms and crystal ball issue.

There is NO charge to use our professional advise (biographytestimonials, role of agent) as Covered CA pays us to help you.  To appoint us as your agent, please log into your account and follow these instructions.

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Actual & Proposed With links to Calif. Code of Regulations  Aetna – What are Exchanges – Covered CA

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I am seeking advice for registering for “Obama Care” or Covered California Health Coverage through a “certified” insurance agent.


First, I would suggest that you get a FREE instant quote where you also get a FREE subsidy calculation. Then email or call us to discuss your more specific questions.


LA Times 9.9.2013

Subsidy might have to be paid back at tax time,

if new income not reported.

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Covered CA Certified Agent  
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Enrolling in health plans has helped people focus on their families and careers, and feel protected against unexpected medical issues.

I'm in Charles 


I'm in Charles

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I'm in Sonia


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Covered CA Tax Credits – APTC

Medi-Cal  Pro Bono Site – We don’t get compensated to help you

3 comments on “Covered CA Rules – Introduction

  1. I wanted to to ask you if all is ok with my CoveredCa account because there was a notification about eligibility on my account.

    When I went to check the enrollment Status it stared that I was late in applying for the Covered Ca services.

    I had applied for the healthcare coverage long before the expiration time of 1/31/18.

    Can you please let me know if everything is ok with my account or was it some sort of error on their part.

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