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Group Supplemental Insurance from Colonial

More and more studies show that health care costs continue to rise in this country. Many employers are reacting by revising their insurance and benefit offerings to reflect this trend and compensate for increased costs. What do these changes mean for you?

  • 56 percent of employers report that employee contributions will increase with the trend or greater than the trend rate – meaning some employees will take on a greater proportion of health care costs than they currently pay.
  • Nearly three-quarters of employers consider benefit reductions or an increase in co-payments “likely” or “somewhat likely” in the coming twelve months.  Health Care Costs 2002 – A Watson Wyatt Worldwide Survey, 2001

How will these possible benefit reductions and increased benefit costs affect your insurance coverage? What about next year? What changes will it bring? We can’t predict the future; we can help you prepare for what happens next.

Traditional medical insurance doesn’t cover every expense related to an illness, injury or death. The bills and expenses continue to add up, especially if you have to stop working and lose your income. How will you pay the deductibles or co-payments, and other increasing medical costs not covered by your employer-sponsored insurance plan?

Supplemental insurance can help you prepare for these and other out-of-pocket expenses. Most of all, these plans help take the worry away about how you will pay your out-of-pocket medical and other everyday life bills. Without this worry, you can focus on getting better.

Colonial’s supplemental insurance products help protect you in the following ways:

  • Colonial’s Disability Insurance can help protect your most valuable asset – your income. This insurance provides benefits to help offset the financial losses that may result when you are disabled due to a covered injury or illness.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance  from Colonial is a valuable complement to employer-provided life insurance.
  • A serious accident, illness or hospital stay can result in significant out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by traditional medical insurance. Colonial’s Accident Cancer and Critical Illness  and Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance can help protect against such expenses.

Colonial supplemental insurance is offered at the worksite (through your employer) and features convenient payroll deduction for premium payments. Plus, many plans can be purchased through a flexible benefits plan allowing you to pay for valuable Colonial coverage with pretax dollars.

Colonial coverage is flexible so that you can tailor your supplemental coverage to help meet your individual needs. With the help of Colonial’s experienced sales representatives, you can choose the coverage that is most appropriate for the needs of you and your family. Colonial offers the supplemental insurance plans listed below.

Supplemental coverage from Colonial can help see you through – for what happens next.

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Choice Builder - Ancillary Benefits Program
Choice Builder – Ancillary Benefits Program

Dental For #Everyone,
has an excellent  website with full brochures, Instant online quoting and enrollment

Dental for everyone free quote

VSP Vision Enroll ONLINE

Top 5 - 10 causes of Long Term Disability Claims 

Lower back disorders  ♦   Depression  ♦ Coronary heart disease, arthritis and pulmonary diseases  (Met Life♦  Disability Can Happen    CDC Statistics

Top 5 causes of Disabilty

Click here to visit our website on Disability Payments - Insurance 

United Health Care  -   Get a quote 

United Health Care - Get a Quote

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7 comments on “Dental, Vision, Supplemental

  1. Is it worth it to have dental coverage, during the pandemic as people are postponing routine cleaning, etc, during the pandemic?
    Blue Cross has already announced lower rates and that they are paying extra to the dentists for COVID 19 extra costs to prevent transmission.

    • Anthem issues premium credits to employer groups
      We continue to look for ways to provide support and financial relief to our employers and members during the COVID-19 emergency.
      Shelter-in-place orders across the country have caused significant disruption to traditional patterns of care. As a response to these challenges, we are supporting our customers by issuing premium credits to our Fully Insured employer groups based on their April 2020 invoices.
      The credits will appear on employers’ August 2020 invoices (issued in July 2020):
      • 15% of the April premium for Anthem Small Group medical plans
      50% of the April premium for Anthem Dental plans – Source – Broker Email 6.5.2020

    • PPE reimbursement protects members and supports dentists
      COVID-19 requires that dentists take extra precautions to protect both themselves and their patients. These added steps can add to the cost of a dental visit.
      To protect the health of our members while minimizing unexpected fees, we are paying dentists an extra reimbursement from June 15 through August 31, 2020.
      Anthem will pay $10 per dental patient, per visit, on dental PPO network claims for personal protective equipment (PPE). Supporting the dentists in our networks can help preserve employee access to providers in their plans. Broker email dates 6.22.2020

      • Health.Com 5.13.2020 is it safe to go to the dentist?
        COVID-19 spreads primarily through respiratory droplets that often make their way into your mouth, nose, or even eyes, you may be putting yourself in danger while sitting in the dentist chair (remember: dental hygienists and dentists are all up in your mouth during cleanings and procedures—and you wearing a mask is basically impossible).
        Viral transmission can happen if someone isn’t showing symptoms yet, so even if a dental office is making staff who are showing symptoms stay home, that won’t be helpful if a staffer is asymptomatic. That said, “as long as the dentist and assistants wear masks and get tested,” a dental procedure can be perfectly safe
        if you’re experiencing any type of dental emergency—swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, pain, trauma from an accident, or if you have a dental concern related to an underlying condition (chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, etc.)—it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible since, again, many offices are still open for emergency procedures and visits.
        In the meantime, and again, as long as you’re not currently facing a dental emergency, remember to keep your teeth and mouth healthy by brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day (yes, even in quarantine).

      • NPR.org 6.3.2020 Is it safe?
        questions to ask medical and dental staff when scheduling an appointment:
        Do the staff and patients wear masks at all times?
        Do the staff have enough masks and protective equipment?
        Will there be a limit on how many people can be in a waiting room?
        Are the staff being tested for COVID-19?
        How often are staff cleaning the waiting rooms and offices?
        If you don’t drive, can you take public transit while keeping your distance from other people and washing your hands before and afterward?

    • Evidence of Coverage for Delta Dental PPO
      Timely Access to Care
      PPO and Premier Providers have agreed waiting times to Enrollees for appointments for care which will
      never be greater than the following timeframes:
      ƒ for emergency care, 24 hours a day, 7 day days a week;
      ƒ for any urgent care, 72 hours for appointments consistent with the Enrollee’s individual needs;
      ƒ for any non-urgent care, 36 business days; and
      ƒ for any preventative services, 40 business days.
      During non-business hours, the Enrollee will have access to his or her Provider’s answering machine,
      answering service, cell phone or pager for guidance on what to do and whom to contact if he or she is
      experiencing an Emergency Dental Condition.
      If the Enrollee calls our Customer Service Center, a representative will answer their call within 10 minutes
      during normal business hours.
      Should the Enrollee need interpretation services when scheduling an appointment with any of our PPO or
      Premier Providers, he or she may call our Customer Service Center at 800-471-0287 for assistance.
      Waiting Period
      Major Services limited to enrollees who have been enrolled in the Contract for 6 consecutive months
      Periodontics (other than maintenance)
      Crowns and Casts
      Oral Surgery

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