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 Specialty Plans at a Glance (click to enlarge) Rev 1.1.19 below, provides a side-by-side comparison of Dental & vision plans and ratesBlue Shield Dental, Vision & Life Insurance

Blue Shield Dental, Vision & Life Insurance – Summary Matrix 1.1.2019 Click to enlarge and get a sharper image


  • No waiting period for diagnostic or preventive services
  • Covered diagnostic and preventive services, such as X-rays and routine cleanings, do not count toward the annual coverage limit for dental PPO and Specialty Duo dental plans, providing more coverage for other services before reaching the annual limit
  • A wide range of dental benefits, including most diagnostic and preventive services and oral cancer screening, at no additional cost when using a dental network provider
  • Implants coverage available in our dental PPO plans with a $1,250 calendar-year benefit maximum
  • Orthodontic benefits are available for both children and adults
  • Choice of $25 or $50 deductible per member, per calendar year
  • Choice of a $500, $1,000 or $1,250 calendar-year benefit maximum per member
  • Coverage even when your clients use a non-network dentist. Our plan reimburses your clients up to an allowed amount for covered services, and your clients pay the remaining balance of the total billed charges.



  • No deductibles and no calendar-year maximums
  • Orthodontic services available with or without a 12-month waiting period, for both children and adults
  • Affordable fixed copayments for basic and major services
  • Specialty care available with a referral from a primary dentist

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Insurance 101?

We suggest that you check out Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care and Retirement as these risks may cause much more financial devastating to your budget than dental bills.

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More detailed information – dental benefit summaries.

– dental benefit summaries. Specialty Duo – Dental Portion Summary of Benefits Vision Summary of Benefits

2018: Ultimate Vision 15/25/120

Ultimate Vision 15/25/150

Specialty DuoSM

Evidence of Coverages

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Dental For Everyone,
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    • Yes, dental can be added to your health insurance plan with Blue Shield.

      We are here to help you. Blue Shield pays us for that.

      You can choose any dentist for a PPO plan, but you get paid best when you use a dentist in the network. For HMO you pick a dentist from the list.

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