What is the Maximum Pay back, of the subsidies – APTC – Advance Premium Tax Credit,

if you earn MORE than you put down for MAGI Income, when you applied for Covered CA?

Repayment Limitation from From 8962 Instructions
Repayment Limitation from From 8962 Instructions

CHFC – 2 Page explanation of the maximum payback – Web Archive.

Our page on 8962 Premium Tax Credit including instructions

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Be careful though about penalties for under payment of taxes.

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#2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax

#2210 Instructions

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Page 15  IRS Publication 5187

What about Enhanced Silver?

If my income is higher at the end of the year than I thought,

do I have to pay the Enhanced Silver cost-sharing subsidies back?

No. Unlike premium tax credits, which are reconciled each year based on the income you actually earned, cost sharing reductions are not reconciled Western Poverty Page 177 *  Kaiser Foundation FAQ’s  However, you will have to pay any received premium assistance back up to a certain amount.  Also, you are mandated to report income changes within 30 days. You also promised in the Covered CA application to report income changes within 30 days. Use the search feature ctrl – f and put in “changes.” It’s used 14 times.

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Federal Code of Regulations

Subpart E—Health Insurance Issuer Responsibilities With Respect to Advance Payments of the Premium Tax Credit and Cost-Sharing Reductions

§156.400   Definitions.
§156.410   Cost-sharing reductions for enrollees.
§156.420   Plan variations.
§156.425   Changes in eligibility for cost-sharing reductions.
§156.430   Payment for cost-sharing reductions.
§156.440   Plans eligible for advance payments of the premium tax credit and cost-sharing reductions.
§156.460   Reduction of enrollee’s share of premium to account for advance payments of the premium tax credit.
§156.470   Allocation of rates for advance payments of the premium tax credit.
§156.480   Oversight of the administration of the cost-sharing reductions and advance payments of the premium tax credit programs.


IRS #Pub974 

Premium Tax Credit
IRS Publication 974

VIDEO What is APTC Advance Premium Tax Credit


aptc interactive assistant

Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA)

Am I eligible to claim the Premium Tax Credit? 

IRS FAQ on Premium Tax Credit


Tax #Estimators



ACA What You Need To Know  #5187 ACA What you need to know # 5187

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How to get subsidies – pay less for coverage 

Kaiser Foundation reports that 27% of uninsured individuals are eligible to purchase a bronze plan with $0 premiums after subsidies in 2019.  Silver plans with cost-sharing reductions (CSR) for single individuals with incomes below 200% of the poverty level can be purchased for roughly $20 to $130 per month after subsidies, depending on an enrollees’ income. KFF *

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