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  1. I am so lost in all these health care programs. I am not from USA, but I am a citizen. When it came this thing of everyone having to have health insurance (2011/2012) [Obama Care] I was getting a divorce after being a stay home mother for 20 years. I never dealt with health insurance, I didn’t work, I just didn’t understand any of it. I was unemployed and qualified for Medi-cal, now my situation changed; one son still leaves with me, but he is 21 so I don’t think he counts as dependent anymore,

    ***Is he on your tax return? Click here for household definition.

    I got a job and I sold my house. Can you let me know what changes I should expect and what i should do.?

    My household is 3 ( me, my 13 years old daughter and my 21 one years old son), my income is $24,096.

    ***Click here and enter your information to our complementary Quote engine, it will let you know if you qualify for Covered CA Subsdies, Enhanced Silver or MAGI Medi-Cal.

    I sold my house that I had with my ex, but have been unable to buy a house to live as I don’t qualify for a mortgage (finally employed, but making minimum wage). Now I have all this money in the bank and I have been using it to pay rent. Will I lose my eligibility due to now having money that should go towards a house, but I can’t afford one?

    ***Under Health Care Reform, assets are not relevant for MAGI Medi-Cal. It’s if you household income is under 138% of Federal Poverty Level, chart.

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