I have a question regarding on paying auto pay. It says my payments will be taken out every 23 of the month. When is my payments due? If I remember correctly you said it is due every 1st of the month?


The payment is due on the 1st of the month.  Your coverage then goes into the grace period if not paid on the first.

I will check what options Molina has for the withdrawal date.  Here’s a link to the various ways to pay your premium with Molina.   Here’s the Molina Member Portal.   Create an account and see if you can change the auto withdrawal date.   It might be that the 23rd came up as you are doing the first payment on the 17th…

Reply from Molina

The Autopay is not set-up to allow member to select a payment due that they wish, the 23rd is in place to ensure payment is received and applied for coverage for the following month-it is clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions when enrolling. (see below)
Here’s definitions  from a specimen policy on when the premium is due.

All Monthly Premium Payments and administrative fees are payable in advance and due on the Monthly Premium Due Date. The Monthly Premium Due Date is the first day of the Plan period for which we receive Premium Payment. For example, if the Plan Period is March 1 to March 31, the Monthly Premium Due Date is March 1. The Plan Period is not affected by and does not affect the use of other periods of time to measure or determine Your rights and benefits, for example, the use of the calendar Year as applied to Deductible, or the use of the calendar Year to determine maximum Copayments/Coinsurance  – Page 32

For Your convenience, You may authorize us to automatically deduct Your Premium Payment from Your financial institution account every month. To learn more about this option, contact customer service.  Page 33

The grace period for payment of future premiums is thirty (30) days from the Monthly Premium Due Date. If You fail to pay premiums as they become due, xxx may terminate this Agreement as described below as of the last day of the grace period.  Page 39




Auto Withdrawal Premium Payment Confirmation
Auto Withdrawal Premium Payment Confirmation


Auto Pay Defaults to the 23d
Auto Pay Defaults to the 23d

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