Hi Steve,

I was reading a lot of helpful information that you posted on healthreformquotes.com

I am currently having trouble with my Kaiser coverage. I am hoping that you can help me either get it reinstated or enroll in Medi-cal.

Here’s a summary of what is going on:

I just found out that my policy has been cancelled and cannot be reinstated. I was set up on auto pay and I’m not sure why my payment
stopped going through. I was told that I was sent a letter in March. But I did not get it in my mail. I also never got a phone call, email, or follow up letter. Nothing was sent certified, so it is their word against mine that I got the letter.

I was logging in to my account to pay a doctor’s invoice and that is when I discovered that I had been canceled.

Nothing popped up on my screen to indicate anything was wrong. When I went to the doctor or filled a prescription everything was normal.  If I had not gone looking I would have never known! It’s hard to believe they can get away with this. But it seems I am not the only one this has happened to.

I set up auto pay so I would not have to worry about monitoring my payments. But I would have been better off paying manually every month.

I am hoping you can advise me on how to proceed. It sounds like my only option (other than fighting with Kaiser) may be to get on Medi-cal. I am fairly low income.

***What is your MAGI Income?   Please enter that into our complementary quote and subsidy calculator and then we will know more. 

I’m not sure if you can help with that or you only work with the insurance companies?

***If we correct your income in your Covered CA account and it’s below 138% of FPL – Federal Poverty Level the process should start automatically.  The quote engine will tell you that.  You can also enroll direct with Medi-Cal in Los Angeles by clicking here or here county human service agency  or Benefits Cal.org for other counties.  

Another idea I had was to move my coverage to Oregon. I have hardly been in California these past 3 months anyway. My boyfriend’s daughter has been fighting cancer and I  have been in Oregon the majority of the time. I know that moving would allow me to enroll mid-year but obviously I would rather keep my doctors here in California. At this point I’m about 50/50 with my time here and there so either state would ultimately work for me.

***Here’s what we have as far as moving for a special enrollment period.

Of course I know that you are compensated by the insurance companies and I don’t expect anything for free. So if you don’t get compensated by Medi-cal and/or Oregon insurance I definitely understand.

***How about a temporary plan or Mr. Mip?


Thanks so much for your time!



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