Checking Account Cancelled? Moved?

Hello Steve!


I work with my brother.. [name redacted]. (I am his assistant)  He just got his Blue Shield policy cancelled on Sept 29th for NON payment. This [pdf attachment in email] was the only letter he received…the cancellation letter.

***The letter is from Blue Shield, but the ID card is from Blue Cross.  I’ll call you to discuss.

(He moved a few months ago

***Moving might be a special enrollment period.

and has not been receiving a lot of his mail) I have attached the info.


I set him up on Auto pay…but the card was shut off from Costo….


and he didn’t realize it was not being paid.


Paying the premium to catch up is no problem… he just needs help figuring out how to appeal this.

***It’s difficult.

I read on your website you might be able to help?

***If nothing else, you could get a temporary policy till 1.1.2017 and apply for 2017 during the upcoming open enrollment starting 11.1.2017.

If you can….How does he make you his agent?


I also would like to speak to you about my policy as well.


You can reach me here:


Thank you!