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Is there coverage for
Dental Implants?

Generally No.  See below for additional information and suggestions.

Dental implants (ADA Codes) may be thought of as artificial tooth roots which allow the fabricated teeth to be firmly attached to the mouth.  One may consider the jaw bone as a piece of wood and a dental implant as a screw

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Implants may be covered if there is a “medical necessity” like cancer, major accident or skeletal deformity.  View sample Delta policy page 40 #32.

You can include in medical expenses the amounts you pay for dental treatment. This includes fees paid to dentists for X-rays, fillings, braces, extractions, dentures, etc.   including artificial teeth (IRS Publication 502 Page 5 & 7)

Implants are done when one doesn’t want a bridge because it more permanent and look better even in the back of the mouth and in view of this it’s considered cosmetic.

Unfortunately, implants are not a covered benefit. However, it is possible that Delta would provide an allowance for the covered benefit. It’s best that the enrollee ask their dentist to submit a pre-determination to Delta so that Delta can determine the covered benefit (if any) and the enrollees responsibility for payment in advance.


The replacement of lost or stolen dentures, crown and bridge work, dental procedures and charges incurred as part of implants (placement or removal) and prosthetic devices placed on implants (fixed or removable, for example: bridges, crowns) are not covered. 
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Cosmetic procedures (dental implants) are not covered on our individual Delta Dental plans.

We do have Extended PPO Dental discount plans that offer implants using Careington PPO dentist. This is part insurance (diagnostic and preventive) and part discount plan for all other dental services are covered through discounts offered by Careington PPO Network Dentists Email Dated 08:21 AM 7/10/2012,


Renaissance has some coverage

Renesasse - Coverage for Implaints
Renaissance – Coverage for Implants
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