What if I need MAJOR, EXPENSIVE Dental work and don’t have coverage. 
Can I buy it now?

What are best options to open – start  a dental plan to reduce this out of pocket cost?

Any restrictions such as waiting periods to obtain this care after purchasing a plan?


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Dental For Everyone

Blue Shield Dental HMO

See our Blue Shield Dental Page

Dental HMO - Benefit Summary
Dental HMO – Benefit SummarNo mention of a waiting period!   Nor in the disclosures  —  Nor do I see it in the Evidence of Coverage  *  Sounds too good to be true, so let’s double check with Blue Shield, in writing.

Blue Shield Provider Finder

Blue Shield Provider Finder - Dentists
Blue Shield Provider Finder – Dentists

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Here’s Delta Dental’s Gold Plan.

Note the one year wait and the maximum 50% payment.  At $43/month premium, how long does it take the Insurance Company to break even?  That’s what the Medical Loss Ratio of 80% under ACA is all about.

Delta Dental Summary

Check out what Covered CA has to offer.

Covered CA – Dental Plans
Covered CA Dental..
Covered CA Dental..

Note though, that Covered CA only let’s you enroll at Open Enrollment

Family dental plans are offered during the renewal period, for Covered California members, and during open enrollment for new enrollees. Family dental plans are also available during special enrollment to new enrollees in Covered California.


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Medi-Cal Dental?

Qualify as a Non-Filer?

No Pre X?  3 month backdating?

Please note, we do NOT get paid to help the public with Medi-Cal.   Medi-Cal doesn’t cooperate with agents anyway, secret member information?  While our website is more informative than Medi-Cal’s, please contact them for help and qualification.


ACA Pediatric Dental?

If you’re under 19 check out Pediatric Dental under ACA.

Tax Write Off?


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