Plan Type Selection
Plan Type Selection

Okay, in terms of network, is there an advantage to Anthem Blue Cross over Blue Shield or Health Net?

***Not all counties have all options, In the Los Angeles Area, if you use our complementary comparison quote engine, you can have it show only PPO.

Which then just gives you Blue Shield and Health Net.  Blue Cross is not offering a PPO in Los Angeles for 2017 thus your grandfathered plan has a plus on this criteria.


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Find Doctors Link
Find Doctors Link

I’m looking at this Blue shield  Gold 80 PPO, what do I lose in comparison to my current Anthem Blue Cross policy?

***I don’t have the numbers of how many doctors are in each plan.  There is a link on the quote engine to the provider finder and you can use the provider finder here  or for more details, use the menu above and go to each companies provider finder, that is where the latest information is.



I should clarify, I understand my deductible will be higher, but my current plan isn’t there so I’m hoping you can give me an easy tear sheet to compare the two.

***Under the law, I can’t give you anything that’s not official from the Insurance Company…  If I make my own brochure, I have to get approval…  Here’s the brochures on the Grandfathered PPO Share 1750 that I can find. PPO Share Plans /CABR0015900SRP

Excerpt of PPO Share Brochure
Excerpt of PPO Share Brochure

PPO Share $3,500    * PPO Share Rev 9.2012

I can ask Blue Cross, but the problem is, they send me the entire Evidence of Coverage with tons of admendments.

Please note also, that if you don’t change plans at THIS open enrollment period, if there is a rate change, you will have a SPECIAL Enrollment period at that time.  Verify & Double Check CFR § 155.420  (d) (1) (ii) enrolled in any non-calendar year group health plan or individual health insurance coverage

Will you also clarify what Medical and Drug Out of Pocket [Maximum] means?

***I’ve explained deductibles, co-pays and out of pocket maximum on this page.

Thank you, Steve.


Hi Steve,

So I was looking at the Instant Quote and I was wondering how the Anthem Blue Cross Silver 70 D EPO compares in coverage to my current plan with Anthem?  What is the difference between a PPO and an EPO?

[***Steve’s Response] PPO is way better.

 Learn More ===>  blue-cross/provider-lists/

PPO: With a PPO, you will be able to see any provider they want without a referral because no primary care doctor gatekeepers are required.  Also, PPOs provide coverage for both network and non-network providers — though they’ll still save when you stay in the network.

Pathway X Tiered (EPO):

An exclusive provider organization (EPO) plan is a type of managed care plan. The EPO network is made up of a select group of care providers, which includes PPO providers too! (Flyer)   With the exception of an emergency situation, you will only get benefits from an in-network provider if your plan is part of this network.  With these plans, you can see an in-network specialist without a referral from your primary care physician (Page 15 2015 Brochure)  See Flyer

Excerpt from 2017 Brochure Page 6
Excerpt from 2017 Brochure Page 6

Blue Cross 2017 Brochure –

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