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United Health Care

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Excerpt of 5.31.2016 UHC and Covered CA Broker Email

In 2017  UnitedHealthcare will offer individual plans through the Exchange in a limited number of states. This change in market footprint reflects our longstanding goal to offer products that are both affordable for consumers and financially sustainable for our company. 

Current exchange members will remain covered until Dec. 31, 2016, as long as premium payments remain current and all other eligibility requirements are met. In markets where we will not participate in 2017, we will begin mailing letters to these members in the coming weeks. The letter will provide them with information on when they will be able to choose new plans for 2017.

Please note these changes do not affect other products within UnitedHealthcare’s Individual product portfolio.

We will continue to assess the viability of the products we offer on an annual basis, market-by-market, and will keep you informed of our approach as the ACA Exchange continues to evolve. We remain an advocate for more stable and sustainable approaches to serving this market and those who rely on it for care. Your business is sincerely appreciated and we are committed to serving our broker and customer community responsibly.

May 31, 2016 – UnitedHealthcare, Individual On-Exchange

we have filed to offer On-Exchange products in Nevada, New York, and Virginia, Florida, Georgia and Illinois.  NOT COVERED CA!  The individual On-Exchange products filed for 2017, listed above, may not be available in all service areas within the states referenced.

CA Health Line 6.1.2016      Chad Terhune 5.31.2016

CA Health Line 4.19.2016 UHC to exit all but a handful of markets – A spokeswoman for the Covered California exchange declined to comment on whether UnitedHealth will be participating in 2017. UnitedHealth joined the California marketplace in 2016 in several rural markets and only had enrollment of about 1,400 people as of February.

UnitedHealth To Exit All But A Few ACA Markets  Kaiser Foundation 

The insurer’s exchange business was relatively small, but the move draws attention to the industry’s struggle to adjust to the sicker, more costly pool of customers that have dominated the market under the Affordable Care Act.

The New York Times: UnitedHealth To Pull Back From Insurance Exchanges, Citing Losses
The UnitedHealth Group, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, told investors on Tuesday that it continued to lose hundreds of millions of dollars selling individual policies under the federal health care law. The company said it planned to pull out of a majority of states where it offered coverage and would offer policies on the public exchanges in “only a handful of states” for 2017. (Abelson, 4/19)

Bloomberg: UnitedHealth To Exit Obamacare In 16 States To Stem Losses
So far, New York and Nevada have confirmed that UnitedHealth plans to remain on their ACA exchanges next year. The company has also filed plans to participate in Virginia for 2017. Wisconsin said it hasn’t received an exit notice from UnitedHealth, and that it doesn’t comment on insurers’ business plans. A representative of Covered California said plan participation is confidential until it’s announced later this year. (Tracer, 4/19)

The Los Angeles Times: Nation’s Largest Health Insurer To Quit Some Obamacare Markets
Several other insurers, including state Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, have reported similar challenges in recent months. And more than a dozen nonprofit insurance co-ops created through the law have shuttered, as they were overwhelmed by medical claims they couldn’t afford. But other insurers, including California-based Kaiser Permanente and Indiana-based Anthem, another major player in the California market, have been more bullish on the new marketplaces. And in February, Covered California Executive Director Pete Lee blasted UnitedHealth for blaming the health law for its own missteps, noting in an interview with Kaiser Health News that the company had poorly designed and priced its health plans. (Levey, 4/19)

Covered CA Peter Lee scolds UHP for blaming ObamaCare for losses.  “Instead of saying we screwed up, they said Obamacare is the problem and we may not play any more,”  The insurer also offered broader provider networks that tend to attract sicker customers who incur big medical bills.   In response to industry criticism, the Obama administration is taking steps to prevent the misuse of special enrollment so people can’t wait to sign up until they need care. Special enrollment is designed for people who lose coverage or need to make a change because of an event in their life, such as moving, getting married or having a child.  Insurance markets can’t function properly without enough healthy customers paying premiums, which are used to cover expenses incurred by sicker policyholders. CA HealthLine 2.3.2016

UHP will  be coming back in 2016 on a limited basis  Learn More ⇒ LA Times 7.24.2015

Covered CA refuses to allow UHP to write coverage for 2016, as UHP left CA in 2014 and thus has a 5 year penalty for coming back.  LA Times  1.16.2015

United Health Care (PacifiCare) will be leaving the CA Market in January, 2014 per CA Healthline citing the LA Times.  I can understand where they are coming from, being as they only had 2% of the market or 8,000 policy holders.  For FREE quotes on the remaining players in the market, click here.

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