Do Temporary & Supplement Plans count for the Obamacare Requirement to have Health Insurance?

Short Answer – NO.

They do not have the 10 essential requirements,  on list of Minimum Essential Coverage 5000 A F, nor cover pre-existing Conditions.

On the other hand, the New York Times 7.5.2016 reports that  A federal appeals court has ruled that consumers must be allowed to buy – Indemnity Policies – like Get Med 360 that pay fixed dollar amounts like $500/day for hospital and $50 for a doctor visit,  that do not meet the stringent standards – 10 essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act, deciding that the administration had gone beyond the terms of federal law.  Thus, one can buy a policy without certifying that they have Obamacare compliant coverage.

Is there a problem with that?

IMHO no, as long as they sales representative  makes it clear that the policy is  not compliant.   Here’s a article where it’s alleged one company didn’t.    I had a prospect who did purchase a policy like this.  She told me they told her it was compliant.  However, when she sent me her confirmation of coverage, it clearly said that it did not comply with ObamaCare.

These policies and short term care might be good if you missed Open Enrollment and don’t qualify for Special Enrollment or just want extra benefits.  Watch out for the rules on dual coverage though.   Mr. Mip does meet the requirements too.



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