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We are Blue Cross – Anthem ♦ Authorized Agents  Broker # GFKGQSJSRZ  and are happy to help you get covered in CA at no extra charge to you.  Blue Cross pays us to help you find their best plan that fits your needs.    

Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker can provide to the public.  Please note that Blue Cross Individual has pretty much withdrawn from CA.  

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Our webpage on Anthem Blue Cross  Provider List Definitions

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What to do when you receive a doctor bill VIDEO

VIDEO When you're looking for health insurance in California, consider the quality of care provided by Anthem Blue Cross. The Anthem team knows the needs of growing families and offers an array of plans that offer affordable coverage for members of all ages.

VIDEO What do do when you get a doctor's bill

Live Health ONLINE - Tele Med with therapist VIDEO 


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Blue Cross Member Website - Interactive Guided Tour

Manage claims, your health, preventative benefits, find doctors, plan details, benefits, refill rx, health assessment and compare costs

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34 Page Power Point – PDF on how to access benefits – Agent Training – Covered CA   7.2015

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Here’s Provider Lists from ALL companies.

Blue Cross SERVICE Phone # (800) 333-0912   or  310.519.1335

Which Blue Cross Anthem Plans are  Grandfathered?

What are Multi State Plans?

Blue Cross Employer Group Plans

Blue Cross Wellness Programs

Specimen Platinum Policy with annotations and bookmarks  2014 

WellPoint, Inc. Code of Conduct

Rate Guide pdf 77 pages

Investor Information & Financial Strength


What is a (Blue Cross or Shield) Multi State Plan under the Affordable Care Act?

The Multi-State Plan (MSP) Program, established under the Affordable Care Act, directs OPM [Federal Office of Personnel Management*] to contract with private health insurers in each State to offer high-quality, affordable health insurance options called Multi-State Plans OPM.Gov      FAQ’s

Multi-State Plans are overseen by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and are similar to the other Qualified Health Plan products offered on the exchanges. Generally, all of the same requirements that apply to other products also apply to these Multi-State Plan products. The name “Multi-State Plan” does NOT mean that consumers have health plan coverage for non-urgent care in multiple statesExcerpt from Agent Guide

OPM’s claim to fame appears to be that they have 50 years of experience running the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program.  I do not see that the Multi State Programs have anything extra than the others.  See also Minimum Essential Benefits and Medical Mandatory Loss Ratio’s

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Blue Cross Comes Back for 2020

Check this page on October 10, 2019 that’s when the 2020 information will be released!

April 2020 Grandfathered Rate Change


For information on the April 2020 Rate Change, click here.

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  1. I don’t like my EOB Explanation of Benefits online, pdf, electronic, etc. Can I get paper copies mailed to me?

  2. I have anthem blue cross, but I’m looking for help inside the plan.

    It looks like not what you do, but do you have any suggestions?

  3. Steve,

    Thanks for taking such good care of us.

    You are really a great person in a sea of confusion .

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  4. 1 I was interested in an anthem blue cross d [direct – not through Covered CA] platinum plan….

    2 I have a cancer and

    3 I did not have insurance previous. ….

    4 is there a waiting period for my treatments

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