2018 Family Health Guide – Direct – Blue Cross – Not Covered CA


8.9.2018 Bulletin

Please be advised that Anthem Individual will be discontinuing two of its non-standard off exchange plans

  • Silver Pathway EPO 1900 *2EV3*,
  • Silver Pathway EPO 2000 *2EV2

We currently have under 1,000 members on the two plans.  Members will receive discontinuance notices.  Mailings will be staggered, on September 24 and 26.  Members will need to select new plans and will not be renewed on these plans for 2019.  Note that the Anthem Silver 70 Off Exchange EPO plan (currently 2VCK contract code and 36UE in 2019) will continue to be available for members.


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For 2018, Anthem will replace its preferred provider plan or PPO with a significantly different type of plan called an exclusive provider plan or EPO.

Covered California will move affected customers into the Anthem EPO if they don’t change their insurance for 2018. Anthem will make the change for its customers who buy the coverage off the exchange.

Wright said the provider network for the EPO is about the same as the PPO, but customers need to understand the terms of the EPO. It does not cover medical bills for patients who use services outside the provider network. Modesto Bee 11.9.2017

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