Blue Cross Adult & Pediatric Plans
Excellent tool to get dental quotes and enroll in a dental plan

Individual & Family Dental Plans

Dental Plans cover things like Root Canals, Dentures, Braces, routine cleaning.

2017 Brochure Dental & Vision Rev 9.2016  *  Rates & Premiums


or use the ONLINE tool for free dental quotes  from Dental For Everyone, where their website, brochures are EXCELLENT!

Call 310.519.1335 or email us ([email protected]) for Blue Cross details.

What plans do you have to take care of your families dental and putting food on the table should the breadwinner pass away?

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We suggest you look over  these brochures, from our Agent Portal – downloaded 12.1.2015

          Dental, Vision and Life – Guide 2014 2 pages

          CA Dental and Vision coverage 12 pages

          CA DENTAL PRIME 4 pages


2 comments on “Blue Cross

  1. Steve,

    I show my dental policy with Blue Cross as active on website – member portal.

    If it’s active should I stay with it or are there cheaper plans then the $109/month this one (See webpage above) is priced at?


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