Medi-Cal’s definition of Household size?
Who counts?
Who do you have to list?


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More detail on the definitions

  • Claimed as a dependent Household Definition f 2
  • Family Members? vs Household Question 15 A MC 262
  • Married Couples Household definition f 4
  • Not Claimed as Tax Dependent – Household Definition F 1
  • Not filing a return – nor claimed as a dependent f 3

(f) Household –  Definition  (2) Basic rule for individuals claimed as a tax #dependent.

If this legalize is too confusing, check out the flow chart above.

In the case of an individual who expects to be claimed as a tax dependent by another taxpayer for the taxable year in which an initial determination or renewal of eligibility is being made, the household is the household of the taxpayer claiming such individual as a tax dependent,

except that the household must be determined in accordance with paragraph (f)(3)  [Rules for individuals who neither file a tax return nor are claimed as a tax dependent Visit our Webpage] of this section in the case of –

(i) Individuals other than a spouse or child who expect to be claimed as a tax dependent by another taxpayer; and

(ii) Individuals under the age specified by the State under paragraph (f)(3)(iv) of this section who expect to be claimed by one parent as a tax dependent and are living with both parents but whose parents do not expect to file a joint tax return; and

(iii) Individuals under the age specified by the State under paragraph (f)(3)(iv) of this section who expect to be claimed as a tax dependent by a non-custodial parent. For purposes of this section –

(A) A court order or binding separation, divorce, or custody agreement establishing physical custody controls; or

(B) If there is no such order or agreement or in the event of a shared custody agreement, the custodial parent is the parent with whom the child spends most nights.

Plain English FAQ

If an adult is claimed as a tax dependent by their parents, will their parents income count towards the dependent adult’s income for eligibility?

Yes. The adult who expects to be claimed as a tax dependent by his/her parents will have his parents income counted when determining income eligibility under the MAGI methodology.  Federal regulatory reference is 42 CFR 435.603(f)(2).  *

Check out the Household Size Flow chart  below for a simpler way of looking at the 42 CFR 435.603 rules.

(5) For purposes of paragraph (f)(1) of this section, if, consistent with the procedures adopted by the State in accordance with § 435.956(f) of this part, a taxpayer cannot reasonably establish that another individual is a tax dependent of the taxpayer for the tax year in which Medicaid is sought, the inclusion of such individual in the household of the taxpayer is determined in accordance with paragraph (f)(3) of this section.  Copied from  42 CFR 435.603 – Application of modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)

(f) Household – Definition (4)     

 #Married couples.

In the case of a married couple living together, each spouse will be included in the household of the other spouse, regardless of whether they expect to file a joint tax return under section 6013 of the Code or whether one spouse expects to be claimed as a tax dependent by the other spouse.

(5) For purposes of paragraph (f)(1) of this section, if, consistent with the procedures adopted by the State in accordance with § 435.956(f) of this part, a taxpayer cannot reasonably establish that another individual is a tax dependent of the taxpayer for the tax year in which Medi caid is sought, the inclusion of such individual in the household of the taxpayer is determined in accordance with paragraph (f)(3) [not filing return or claimed as a dependent] of this section.  Copied from  42 CFR 435.603 – Application of modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)

Boy, that was a mouthful, huh?

Covered CA mandate for married couples to file jointly.  

see flow chart 

Household – Definition

(1)Basic rule for taxpayers not claimed as a tax dependent.


In the case of an individual who expects to file a tax return for the taxable year in which an initial determination or renewal of eligibility is being made, and who does not expect to be claimed as a tax dependent by another taxpayer, the household consists of the taxpayer and, subject to paragraph (f)(5) of this section, all persons whom such individual expects to claim as a tax dependent.  42 CFR 435.603 (f) 

Household Definition (3) Rules for individuals who

neither file a tax return nor are claimed as a tax dependent (Non Filer). 42 CFR § 435.603 (f

In the case of individuals who do not expect to file a Federal tax return and do not expect to be claimed as a tax dependent for the taxable year in which an initial determination or renewal of eligibility is being made, or who are described in paragraph (f)(2)(i), (f)(2)(ii), or (f)(2)(iii) of this section,

(f) (3) The household consists of the individual and, if living with the individual

(i) The individual’s spouse;

(ii) The individual’s children under the age specified in paragraph (f)(3)(iv) [two lines down] of this section; and

(iii) In the case of individuals under the age specified in paragraph (f)(3)(iv) [next line] of this section, the individual’s parents and siblings under the age specified in paragraph (f)(3)(iv) of this section.

(iv) The age specified in this paragraph is either of the following, as elected by the agency in the State plan

(A) Age 19; or

(B) Age 19 or, in the case of full-time students, age 21.

More on the definition of a Non Filer

* George Town University

* George Town – Exceptions for who counts in the household

*   Western Poverty page 2.33 

*  Sorry, none of them seem to be in plain simple English.

Insure Me Kevin . com

The sample redetermination form  MC 216 states:

We may need some information about people in your household who live with you or are listed on your tax return, who do not have Medi-Cal and who do not want to apply for Medi-Cal.Sample MC 216

Please note that, Medi-Cal wants to cover everyone and may go beyond the law to gather information to do that.  There are also many other programs that Medi-Cal has that you might qualify for and no one would know unless they asked.  Such as:

MORE Social Services – In Addition to Medi-Cal

IHSS In Home Supportive Services

Scroll down to view Household Size Flow Chart

Resources & Links

MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income for Covered CA Subsidies and Enhanced Silver  citing IRS  26 USC § 151  appears to only apply to those actually on your tax return.  Please contact competent tax counsel.   We do not give tax or legal advise.  Volunteer Income Tax Assistance VITA

Federal regulatory reference is 42 CFR 435.603

Western Poverty Law on Tax Filer Rules

Orange County Covered OC FAQ # 5  – doesn’t really answer your question.

See our contact Medi-Cal  page if you would prefer to ask Medi-Cal directly for help.  It’s pro-bono work for us.

Disability Benefits 101 – Medi-Cal the Details

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Western Poverty Law - Insurance for Low Income

Advocate Guide to Medi Cal 

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125 comments on “Household Definition for Medi Cal – Who counts?

  1. Hi!

    I’m trying to add my 3 week old daughter onto my insurance and they said I have to reapply since I’m in my own apartment now…. but i live with the father of my child.

    They said i have to add his income and give his social security number which i completely understand, but me reapplying with my boyfriend’s income, is that going to ruin my chances of having medical (sic) [Medi Cal]?

  2. 6 comments on “Not filing a return – nor claimed as a dependent f 3”

    1. Anonymous says:

      hello mr shore –

      i have been attempting to find an answer to my issues with covered ca customer service agents and medi-cal agents and im not getting straight answers.

      i saw you on youtube and would just like to kindly ask for a little help.

      My son 19 and works part time and goes to school. is projected annual income will be 6000 to 7000.

      he plans to file taxes on his own. being that he is not “required to file” but will anyways.

      will they go by his sole income or will the count my income as well.

      sorry for having to bother you sir. im just don’t have anywhere to turn to –

      thank you -chris c

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, my son plans to file taxes on his own this year. he is a full time student. He also still lives iat home. And works part-time. Thanks

          • (f) (3) The household consists of the individual and, if living with the individual –

            (iv) The age specified in this paragraph is either of the following, as elected by the agency in the State plan

            (B) Age 19 or, in the case of full-time students, age 21.

            See excerpt of flow chart – under 21 full time students, must include parents.

            non filer add parents

            How about Covered CA quotes with subsidies?

            • On the other hand?

              other hand tax filing student

              Tax filer rules apply to individuals who will still file taxes even if they are not required to do so

              There are limited exceptions to the tax filer rules. A tax dependent who meets one of the following exceptions must use the non-filer rules:

              2. The dependent is a child under the age of 19 (or 21 if a full time student living at home) who lives with both parents and the parents plan on filing taxes separately;

              Western Poverty Law *

  3. 14 comments on “Not Claimed as Tax Dependent – Household Definition F 1”

    1. Anonymous says:

      My son who will turn 26 next month will be off his stepdad’s insurance.

      He is applying for Medi Cal.

      He rents a patio room from us and pays his own way.

      We are not on each other’s taxes. He’s by himself and my wife and I are by ourself.

      So would his household be only one, himself?

      • I presume he’s filing his own taxes?

        tax filer status

        Did you want to get quotes on Health or Life Insurance for yourself?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Health Insurance is just too expensive as I don’t qualify for subsidies. Would it make sense for me not to take the deduction for my adult children and let them go on Medi-Cal?

    3. Bryan says:

      We originally obtained MediCal for my wife and I when I entered “disability retirement” in California’s teacher retirement system, and had a share of cost. We paid for Healthy Families coverage for our 3 children. The ACA changed the state’s calculations, and they extended full free Medi-Cal to the whole family based on income. Our 19 year old son (our oldest) is seeking full-time employment with benefits, and if his new income were used in redetermination, my wife and I would lose coverage.

      If we no longer claim him as a dependent when we file next year (for this year’s taxes), will that automatically remove him from the household for Medi-Cal purposes, or does he also have to physically move out of our home?

      • Since he’s over 19 and I presume won’t be a full-time student too, your OK. Check the chart above. Double check with your county worker. They get paid to help you. I don’t. Review your redetermination form. Note also, that when your son gets a job, you must report it to Medi-Cal.

        If you do one way or another earn more than the Medi-Cal limits, you will be notified. Then you can get Covered CA with subsidies and we would be compensated to help you with that. Click here for quotes.

        Residence is not the issue. It’s the tax return.

        Medi-Cal is not FREE. It’s coming from my pocket and other taxpayers. In 2016, $260 billion will be from taxpayer money.

        If your son doesn’t find a job with benefits, he can qualify for Medi-Cal or Covered CA on his own. Covered CA though mandates he file a tax return. See above link for quotes.

    4. Ana says:

      Hi, me and my boyfriend live together and have a 7 month old baby.

      He works and I currently do not.

      Is it possible to ad him to my Medi-cal insurance?

      • I doubt it, as you are not married and probably not all on the same tax return.

        Who is taking whom as a dependent?

        What is your boyfriends expected MAGI Income for 2018?

        Is coverage offered to him at work?

        He can get Covered CA quotes here, as he’s probably earning more than $17k and won’t qualify for Medi-Cal on his own.

        If he’s taking the child as a dependent, he can list the child as a dependent and the quote engine will calculate his cost and show if the child still qualifies for Medi-Cal. See the income chart.

  4. My sister is on disability (stroke) and she lives with me
    Is she a  “family member” as asked on the  MC 262 Medi-Cal – Long Term Care Redetermination form?



    “Family size” for Medi-Cal is based on the same definition of “household” under the same rules for Covered CA subsidies APTC –  MAGI. as spelled out in  42 CFR Parts 431, 435, and 457  Kaiser Family Foundation

    MC 262 Medi-Cal – Long Term Care Redetermination

    MC 262 Medi-Cal - Long Term Care Redetermination

  5. 2 comments on “Claimed as a dependent Household Definition f 2”

    1. Anonymous says:

      My newborn child will be covered by the grandfather’s insurance and he will also be taking the tax deduction

      so the child will not be on my income tax

      nor does she need health coverage as she has coverage on my grandfathers plan

      How do we prove that the child has other insurance and that she’s not on my taxes

      • Covered CA proofs of income

        We doubt that a grand child is being covered under the grandparents coverage, unless there is a court order or some official document saying the grandparents have legal guardianship.

        Send us an ID card naming the child as being covered, a copy of the EOC Evidence of Coverage or something as least in writing. We do not accept hearsay evidence, especially where we are not even being compensated to help you.

        See our contact page for Medi-Cal. They have Social Workers earning big bucks and benefits to help you.

  6. As this pertains to whether or not I will have health coverage after I turn 26 this October, I must ask:

    Does my grandma count as a member of my household for the purposes of signing up for Medi-cal?

    From what I gather, she did not adopt me as her child, but rather took legal guardianship of me. As I currently have no income, I do not know if I qualify as a tax dependent under her.

    A lot of this stuff is incredibly confusing to me, and that’s the best way my brain could process it.

    If I don’t qualify as a tax dependent, then I qualify for Medical. If I do qualify as a tax dependent, do I still qualify for low cost or free Medical?

    • Thank you for your quick response Steve! I was worried this information was incorrect.

      No I am currently not a student at all. However, if i do end up going back to school and am still living at home when that happens, would there be a change to that household number to 3?

      • Would you still be filing your own taxes?
        Would you have income?
        Would your parents claim a deduction?
        How old are you?

        Scroll up the screen to the full chart. You can probably go through the options as well as I.

  7. I am currently living at home and am not claimed as a dependent under my parents and they have their own health insurance plans.

    I have a job, but don’t make much, and filed my own taxes last year.

    My automatic redetermination renewal letter in the mail list my household as 1 for myself.

    Is this correct even though I’m living at home with my parents but not claimed on their taxes?

      • Thank you for your quick response Steve! I was worried this information was incorrect.

        No I am currently not a student at all. However, if i do end up going back to school and am still living at home when that happens, would there be a change to that household number to 3?

        • Would you still be filing your own taxes?
          Would you have income?
          Would your parents claim a deduction?
          How old are you?

          Scroll up the screen to the full chart. You can probably go through the options as well as I.

  8. I receive medi-cal in the state of California

    i’ve been living married but separated but last year 2019 I stayed as a roommate with my husband 2-3 weeks out the month so I can see my granddaughter.

    I don’t have any income currently fighting SSI so I don’t pay any bills.

    If he filed married filing jointly will that effect my med-cal?

  9. if my husband who is disabled get divorced and file separate tax returns as single

    do i have to disclose my income to qualify for him to qualify for medi-cal

  10. Your county social worker gets paid BIG BUCKS to help you. We don’t get paid at all. Go ask them. Here’s our Medi Cal contact page

    We do not like the tone of your question. We don’t get paid to work on this, so please don’t expect an immediate answer. We have our personal lives and business to take care of. We can look up everything and don’t like it implied that we don’t know or can’t find an answer.

  11. i live in a room rental

    i buy my own food

    if i apply for calfresh i am on ssi in california do i have to list all of the roomates?

  12. Steve,

    I want to give you my greatest gratitude for everything you’ve assisted us with and how knowledgeable you are.
    I’m truly grateful for you.

    Rachel F

  13. i am on SSDI dac [disabled adult child] under my fathers record

    i do NOT file taxes

    will i get a 1095b? Proof of Insurance from Medi Cal?

    does the 1095b have anything to do with my annual medi-cal/medicaid re-newal?

    or is the 1095 something seperate?

  14. My boyfriend is currently going to school and has no health insurance. I however have Medi Cal. We live together. Is there a way to add him to my Medi cal?

  15. My 71 year old mother-in-law is immigrating to the US via green card, she will be filing her own tax returns (zero income) and no one will be claiming her as a dependent, nor will she be claiming anyone as a dependent.

    She will live in my home with my wife, myself and 3 year old daughter.

    In filling out the Medi-Cal application, it’s asking about EVERYONE in the ‘household’, even if they don’t want insurance, including roommates and boyfriends and girlfriends and also asking for sensitive income information.

    Are myself, my wife and child considered “living in her household”?

    Do I need to provide my tax information?

    I am minimally insured through work as well as my wife and daughter but they won’t add her on as a mother-in-law.

    Very confused.


    • Oh sorry for the trouble I re-read some of the earlier posts and based on what you said, my mother-in-law’s household size would be ONE (herself only), she in essence is just someone living in my home for free and filing her own tax returns, her Medi-Cal eligibility has nothing to do with me, my wife or child since she is not our dependent,


  16. 1. My girlfriend lives with me and we have a child together. She stays home to take care of our son. She teaches a class for children 2 hours a week but she earns less than $4000/year.

    2. She’s had medi-cal for some time now but now they’re asking about my income and any child support payments my girlfriend receives.

    3. It seems like they’re trying to get me to pay for child support when I already support both her and my child under one roof.

    4. She’s worried she will no longer be eligible for medi-cal although based on my research that does not seem to be the case.

    5. My son and I have insurance through my employer. I will be claiming my son as a dependent on my tax return but will NOT be claiming her.

    6. Is she still eligible?

    7. Do I need to fill out the child support paperwork?

    • 7. I would say yes. Please review the research below. Namely, bartering. She might well be earning an income that would no longer qualify for Medi-Cal, see chart. Is she a household of one or two?

      Also, it’s quite likely that you earn more $$ than I as a Covered CA agent, mandated to “facilitate” enrollment into Medi-Cal and don’t even get paid to do that.

      Why do I and all the other taxpayers have to support your girlfriend’s health insurance when IMHO you ought to just marry her and pay all her and your child’s expenses.

      2 & 7 – Here’s information on child support and Medi-Cal

      Medi-Cal eligibility procedure manual See page 37 about value of in kind for food, utilities, housing, clothing, this manual was written in the 80’s so add inflation.

      Child Support Handbook

      What if the child is covered under Medi-Cal?

      Medi-Cal is not considered a substitute for private health care coverage. The employer must still comply with the medical withholding order. In kind Contributions Bartering

  17. question i thought i would be too high of a income for disabled medi-cal because i get 1368, the medi-cal lady said no i would not because the 1368 comes off my fathers record not mine, reason i ask is if it it is same for the medicaire savings/extra help programs i rather switch to them medi-cal is to fricking nosey, medicaire extra help/savings programs all they ask is anyone related to you or your wife thats IT so if my 1368 would not count against me for those programs i would just drop medi-cal

    • For an individual who lost SSI eligibility because of the initial entitlement to a DAC benefit, the entire amount of the DAC benefit is disregarded in the determination of countable income, including any
      subsequent increases in the benefit. When ineligibility for SSI was due to an increase in the DAC benefit, the amount of DAC benefits received in the month prior to the termination of SSI is the amount of DAC benefits that are counted in determining eligibility. Any subsequent increase(s) in DAC benefits is disregarded from here…….

    • Thank you very much for your help in getting the most up to date and relevant materials.

      We’ve now added the ability to upload pdf documents, in case you have a pdf but not a web address for something.

      Web addresses are preferred. That way we don’t have to host the material.

  18. My boyfriend does not file taxes and is living with me. I fully support him while he gets a business started. He is filing for Medi-Cal. What is his household size?

    • Are you taking the deduction for him on your taxes?

      If you are not, then he can be a non-filer and the household would be 1, till you get married.

      If you are, then: * Household size consists of individual and the taxpayer and all other persons whom the taxpayer expects to claim as a tax dependent step # 4 in the chart in the upper right hand corner

    • Thank you very much for sending the actual form that you are asking about.

      The key term as you point out is “household” Page 1 Section what we need:

      We need information about each person living in your household or listed on your tax return

      I suggest that you just write across the form that you do not have anyone in your household. Tell them that you qualify as a non-filer – see above chart and that you just rent a room from people that you are not related to.

      Many counties have online filing. You might check and then when you do let them know, it all gets done faster.

      If you want to double check directly with Medi-Cal here’s our contact page for them.

      P.S. One reason Medi-Cal asks so many questions, is that there are tons of programs and benefits that Medi-Cal has, here’s even more and they are mandated to help people enroll, even if they don’t know they qualify for anything.

        • No you don’t need to list anyone else

          I’m just suggesting that you gI’ve Medi-Cal an explanation so that they’re clear on why you’re not answering the question

          • well if you read the form it says to fill out another form for household members doesnt have a line to add them on this form anyway, near as i can see let me look, NOPE doesnt have any lines to add second person just says up top to fill out another for anyone else

          • im scared to DEATH because if tomorrow i just try and turn in the tax paper for myself and she says i have to get the roomates to im FUCKED no idea why but my landlord/roomate was like we are not filling that out, if you list us on pack up and MOVE so if that happens or if she doesnt ask but their computer system notices people at that address im SCREWED

            • We’ve gone through that you’ve got the non-filer exemption number three in the law and then wherever it is on the chart so there’s no way they’re going to make you get information on your roommates

              Besides that you don’t have to get the information on your roommates you pointed out the pickle amendment which says that when you transfer from SSI to assess DI they can’t kick you out

              • that pages sounds like they dont care and they will try and make you, i guess i will see tomorrow i wish 9am would hurry up and come, if she lets me im going to go to office depot print it out and fill it out and fax it to her

                • so in your opinion thats just a 1 size fits all paper and doesnt apply to certain people who are non filers? also whats funny is even for taxes go read it, even under taxes your household is anyone releated/a dependent of you and thats it

                  • Yes, that’s why in the very beginning I suggested that you just write on the paper that you just rent a room and you don’t have any relatives or anyone on your tax return living there

                    They just have one form so write them a separate letter or do as I suggested put the answers right on the form

  19. I have a family of 4 including my spouse and 2 kids under 10.

    My mother aged 71 just immigrated to US recently as a permanent resident. She is a widow and is currently living with us. She does not work and has no income.

    Does she qualify as a separate household for the purpose of Medi-Cal eligibility?

    I do not intend to claim her as a dependent.

    • It’s my understanding that even if you did claim her as a dependent, under the non-filer rules above F 2, she would be in a household on her own.

      By herself and not filing, it’s my understanding under F 3 that she would be in her own household of one.

      This is pro bono work. Please double check on your own, seek competent tax or legal counsel, paid Medi-Cal Social Workers and verify in official Medi-Cal brochures. We link to many of them.

      She may also qualify for the aged and disabled program.

  20. I am 55 and my kids receive Medi- Cal and I do not.

    Is their Medi-Cal coverage subject to estate recovery, under My Estate when I die?

    I know If I were receiving Medi-Cal it would be but I cannot find any info concerning if they are receiving it and I am over 55.

  21. I live with my two teenage children (from a previous marriage and we are since divorced), my 2-year old daughter and her father, my EX-boyfriend. Him and I are no longer in a relationship and do not share food or expenses.

    I receive wage income and he receives unemployment.

    I let him live rent free because I do not have a babysitter and he watches her while I work.

    Do we qualify separately for calfresh [food stamps, wic?] and medi-cal or are we considered part of the same household?

  22. Sorry i don’t understand, so we have to list the information since they claim us as dependents on their tax return…..

    i didn’t understand the legal writing terms

    • Sorry, I can’t find a simple plain English answer for your question. Also, I don’t know exactly which form and question number you are referring too. Try contacting Medi-Cal. I’m not an authorized Medi-Cal Social Worker and if I answer the question wrong, it might subject me to loss of license, lawsuits, jail, who knows.

  23. I live with my son and daughter in law; we live with them rent free and they provide food/clothes/basic necessities for us. They also claim us on their tax return.

    My daughter in law doesn’t disclosure their income to us and would have us move out if they had to pay for our insurance.

    Am I required to list them as family?

  24. My 19 year old daughter and her baby live with us and have Medi-Cal. Her 18 year old boyfriend just started staying with us so they can be together with the baby. Medi-Cal now wants his income info. i am trying to find what the income guidelines are for a child to qualify for medi-cal with two parents. Does anyone know? I would hate for baby to lose benefits.

  25. My husband is a full time student and i have a part time work and we also we have 4 months old baby. We currently live for free in my husband’s parent’s house

    In filling out the additional income and property information needed for medi-cal

    should i check the box that states a member of the household is a child who is being cared for by a relative?

  26. 1. My stepdaughter is 13 and lives with me. Her mother is deceased and the father is unknown and unnamed on her birth certificate.

    2. I was told that I cannot claim her as a dependent

    3. and I cannot include her on my insurance and work,

    4. yet my income makes her ineligible for Medi-Cal?

    5. Even though Covered California says that her household income is $0?

  27. I live with my boyfriend. He pays the mortgage. I pay the the utilities. It about evens out. We don’t claim each other on our taxes. What is my household size? a 1 or a 2? I am trying to apply for medi-cal

    • See the flow chart above right. Step 3 – No, since neither of you are claiming the other as a dependent.

      * Household size consists of the individual and all persons whom such individual expects to claim as a tax dependent.

      *Household size = Total number of persons counted in household composition

      • I was trying to get clarification on Bryanna above. Are you saying she would be a household size of 1 or 2 then based on the flowchart? Did you mean she would be a HH size of one since she didn’t claim him as a dependent? Thank you.

  28. I am 20 years old and I am going to school full time. I stay with my boyfriend. He does not have his own place so I technically stay at his grandparents house. I do not pay any rent but i work part time and pay for all of my own things including food. What do I put down for my household?

    • Sounds to me like your a household of one. Are you filing your own 1040 tax return or will the Grandma count you as a dependent, based on free rent? Did you check the flow chart above?

  29. My grandchildren live with me. I am their legal guardian and I claim them on my taxes as dependents. Medi cal determined that they were each their own separate household and said they were eligible for medical. Why?

    • I don’t like to deal with hearsay. Would you please send any actual papers or documents that Medi-Cal sent you.

      How old are the children?

      What is your income?

      Did you want to purchase health insurance for them without Covered CA subsidies?

      What health insurance do you have?

      What coverage did the children have before?

      It’s my opinion that if the grandkids just lost Covered CA that they have a special enrollment period, if you want to buy coverage and pay an unsubsidizd premium.

      Click here to get quotes for the kids.

      I don’t get paid to help the public with Medi-Cal…

    • In reply to Mary who claims her grandchildren as tax dependents…

      If you look at the flow chart it explains it. They meet what is called a Non-filer exemption:
      Does the individual meet one of the following exceptions?

      The tax dependent is-

      1. Someone other than the spouse or child (biological, adopted, or step; minor or adult) of the taxpayer.
      Since they are not your spouse or child, they meet this exemption.

      Non‐Filer Rules-
      Household size consists of the individual plus the following people living with the individual:
       Individual’s spouse;
       Individual’s children under age 19 (natural, adopted and step), or if full‐time student, under age 21;

       For individuals under age 19, or if full‐time student, under age 21:
       Individual’s parents (natural, adopted and step); and
       Individual’s siblings under age 19 (natural, adopted and step), or if full‐time student, under age
      Household size = 1 + total number of people listed above living with the individual.

      Basically, as you are not the spouse, parent, child, or sibling of your grandchildren you do not count as a part of their household and so your income does not count towards them, giving them $0 income.

      • Thank you very much for pointing out the non-filer rules, clearly shown in the flow chart. I will now point that out to another person who asked a similar question.

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