I have Medicare and I’m under 65,

What Medi Gap or Medicare Advantage Plans can I get?

If you are under 65 and have Medicare   due to a disability, SSDI, SSI? you can get Part D Rx, Medicare Advantage and Medi Gap plans, guaranteed issue, no medical questions asked, in California by enrolling when you are first eligible or in the case of Part D & Medicare Advantage, at Open Enrollment 10.15  to 12.7 each year.  Other states may differ, learn more CA Healthline 1.4.2016.

When you turn 65, that gives you an additional time to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at LOWER rates.

See Medicare and You # 10050 and each Insurance Companies Web Page (see menu above) for details, brochures, enrollment forms and rates.

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FAQ’s, Resources & Links

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4 comments on “Under 65 disabled & Medicare Qualified

  1. Hi. I’m looking for the best price on a Pre-65 Plan N supplement. We have Anthem at $249/month. My wife is on Social Security Disability. Birthdate: 10/25/1954. The price for Anthem started at $174 and after six months they raised it to $249.

    Any possibilities we should look into?

    Todd Mullin

    • I’ve responded to you privately. Use the menu above to check out other companies for Medi-Gap… but there may be a problem with Guaranteed Issue. In October there is Medicare Advantage.

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