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Member Website Overview

 Picking a PPO Primary Care Physician PCP – MD

PPO members for all Covered CA plans and maybe all? plans will now have a central point of contact PCP – Primary Care Physician, in the health system for receiving long-term, comprehensive, coordinated care for most health needs. PPO members are able to switch PCPs at any time. There is no action for members to take. Blue Shield will provide additional details on this new feature in the coming weeks.

Members of non-grandfathered PPO plans will continue to have the freedom to choose specialists and other providers – without referrals inside or outside the network – as they do now.

PPO Primary Care MD – member communication from Covered California



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Individual and family plan members on a PPO plan will be matched with a primary care physician (PCP) in 2017. Find out more about the value of a PCP, as well as how to check the one you’re matched with or make a change.

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