Blue Shield Email Blast on things to consider for 2018 renewal.

Clarification on the Silver 70 Plan

Blue Shield‘s broker roadshow, we said to the brokers that the only way for a client to get a Silver 70 plan was through CoveredCA since we are closing our Silver 70 mirror to replace it with our Off-Off Silver 70.

However, we got confirmation yesterday that new consumers can actually also purchase our new Silver Off-Off 70 through our portal as well and not be affected by the higher rate on Covered California.

  • Existing On-Exchange Silver 70 members not receiving any tax premium credits or CSRs will be renewed into their existing Silver 70 plan and will be affected by the higher rate on Silver 70. Covered California will encourage those members to move to a gold plan since the price range will be closer to gold. Brokers should also encourage their non-subsidized members on an On-Exchange Silver 70 plan to move to our Silver 70 Off exchange to avoid paying the higher rate.
  • Existing Off-Exchange Silver 70 members will be mapped to our new Silver 70 off-off plan  Email dated 8.21.2017


Learn more about 2018 rates & benefits here.

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