are a new family of limited network HMO plans: these plans are focused on delivering choice, affordability, and access to high-quality care with lower premiums.

Blue Shield is committed to leveraging their robust and innovative care models to fundamentally change healthcare delivery.

An accountable care organization (ACO) is a network of doctors and hospitals that shares responsibility for providing coordinated care to members and limiting unnecessary spending. As with a traditional HMO plan, each member’s care is centered around a primary care physician.

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Blue Shield’s ACO framework is based on a proven record of delivering integrated care to more than 200,000 Californians.

The Trio ACO HMO plans are designed to help break down barriers, enhance care coordination, reduce duplication of services, and improve the member’s overall experience.

Our plans are designed to help:

  • Link members to the right services
  • Create cross-organizational focus on patients with complex needs
  • Improve discharge processes and programs to reduce hospital readmissions

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Concierge for Covered CA 2 page pdf

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Individual and Family Plan medical Summaries of Benefits (SOB) are effective January 1, 2019, and must be accompanied by the Important Legal Information booklet (PDF, 2.5MB)Spanish  (PDF, 2.1MB)

In addition to the Summary of Benefits, the Evidence of Coverage/Policy (EOC) and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) forms provide your clients with an easy-to-understand overview of what our IFP plans cover.

Trio HMO Plans
Summary of Benefits  Evidence of Coverage/Policy (EOC)
Blue Shield Platinum 90 Trio HMO English (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)
Blue Shield Gold 80 Trio HMO English (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)
Blue Shield Silver 70 Trio HMO English (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)
Silver 70 Off Exchange Trio HMO English (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)








We offer six Silver cost-sharing reduction plans through Covered California for clients whose income is between 138% to 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL). These plans are available only through Covered California.

Cost-Sharing Reduction Plans Summary of Benefits
Blue Shield Silver 73 Trio HMO English (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)
Blue Shield Silver 87 Trio HMO English (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)
Blue Shield Silver 94 Trio HMO English (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)






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Historical 2018

Trio HMO Plans Benefit Summaries

Evidence of Coverage/Policy (EOC) and

Blue Shield Platinum 90 HMO English (PDF, 498KB)
Spanish (PDF, 498KB)
Blue Shield Gold 80 HMO English (PDF, 498KB)
Spanish (PDF, 498KB)
Blue Shield Silver 70 HMO

English (PDF, 498KB)
Spanish (PDF, 498KB)Find a medical providerFind a Provider, MD or Hospital
Concierge Services Trio HMO
Concierge Services Trio HMO
Blue Shield Silver 73 HMO English (PDF, 498KB)
Spanish (PDF, 498KB)
Blue Shield Silver 87 HMO English (PDF, 498KB)
Spanish (PDF, 498KB)
Blue Shield Silver 94 HMO English (PDF, 498KB)
Spanish (PDF, 498KB)

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Blue Shield ONLINE Instant Enrollment & Quotes

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4 comments on “2019 Trio HMO ACO

  1. I’m on SSDI and my agent set me up with Blueshield/Covered California silver 94 HMO trio…

    I notified her that my income had increased…and without notifying me signed me up for silver 87 HMO trio starting 9/1/2018!!

    My question is…can I possibly have this new insurance [silver 87 vs 94] changed or postponed?

    • When you get subsidies from Covered CA you are mandated to report changes of income within 30 days. When you changed your income to show an increase, Covered CA automatically changes the subsidy and the Silver Level. If your income decreases, you can report that change.

      See chart below or visit our page on The main change is that your specialist visits go from $8 to $25.

      You can also use our quote engine to double check income, silver level, premium, benefits, etc.

      Enhanced Silver

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