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Things to consider for 2018 renewal.

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 Silver 70 Plan
No Subsidies – Skip Covered CA to save $$$

New consumers can actually also purchase our new Silver Off-Off 70 through our portal as well and not be affected by the higher rate on Covered California.

  • Existing On-Exchange Silver 70 members not receiving any tax premium credits or CSRs will be renewed into their existing Silver 70 plan and will be affected by the higher rate on Silver 70. Covered California will encourage those members to move to a gold plan since the price range will be closer to gold. Brokers should also encourage their non-subsidized members on an On-Exchange Silver 70 plan to move to our Silver 70 Off exchange to avoid paying the higher rate.
  • Existing Off-Exchange Silver 70 members will be mapped to our new Silver 70 off-off plan  Email dated 8.21.2017  *  Covered CA Press Release  


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Rate books effective January 1, 2018

PPO and HMO plans without CSR funding,

Plain English Brochure – Understanding Health Care Coverage 4 pages


Disclosure of rate information from Blue Shield of California without CSR funding, (PDF, 90KB)



2018 Rates

Due to uncertainty regarding the ACA and continued federal funding for Cost Share Reductions plans, Covered California [They control the CA Market, even when you go direct] has requested carriers to file two sets of rates for 2018.

One set of rates assumes continued federal funding of CSR plans, and another set displays rates if CSRs are no longer funded.  Final rate information will be available 10.11.2017.

PPO and HMO plans with CSR funding, (PDF, 3.4MB)

Alaska Native & American Indian PPO plans with CSR funding, (PDF, 3.4MB)

Disclosure of rate information from Blue Shield of California with CSR funding, (PDF, 90KB)

Alaska Native & American Indian PPO plans without CSR funding, (PDF, 4.2MB)

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