Blue Shield Contact Information

Many of your issues can be resolved for our clients by emailing us [email protected] and we can help immediately or in a few days by emailing rather than calling Blue Shield.


Customer Service (800) 393-6130

Claims Department

phone:   888-256-3650

fax:   209-371-3049

mail:   P.O. Box 272540

Chico, CA    95927-2540

Provider – Pre Authorizations Website

Pre-admission (800) 541-6652

More Contact Info

Tech Support (800) 393-6130

Website Technical Support 877 932-3375

Contact Info on Blue Shield’s website

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Blue Shield Affliate Website for
Quotes and Instant Enrollment


Instructions to appoint us as your broker with Covered CA – no additional charge!


Insure Buy International Medical Coverage

InsuBuy International Medical Coverage – Instant Quotes & Enrollment

Visit our Medicare affiliate CA  Blue Cross  or  Blue Shieldwebsites

Click here for
complementary Long Term Care Proposal


Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote

Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote

Dental for Everyone
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