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  1. I think it’s fairly simple — if you want the most coverage, you get A, B, D + F.. Am I correct?

    • Depends what you mean by “most.” Part A covers hospital. Part B doctor visits. Learn More Part D covers outpatient prescriptions, rx. Plan F pays the co pays and deductibles in A & B. See the comparison below and note that the standard F doesn’t have the $2,240 deductible.

      Some would say “most” might be a Medicare Advantage plan, in that the premiums are usually nil. One downside is the limited HMO doctor list Medicare Advantage MAPD may also cover vision and dental. Check our Medicare Advantage pages to learn more. Here’s our page on comparing Medi Gap vs MAPD. Medi Gap though gives you MUCH more freedom of choice of doctors.

  2. I’m thinking of getting Hi F, with the $2,240 deductible. How do I know if that’s the right plan for me?

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